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What are the advantages and disadvantages of fiber laser cutting machine
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    Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of laser cutting machine developed in recent years.It USES the fiber laser to output the high energy density laser beam and concentrates it on the processing material to achieve the effect of automatic cutting.Mainly used for carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and other metal materials under 25 mm.Therefore, as a new laser cutting machine, compared with CO2 laser cutting machine, what are the advantages and disadvantages of fiber laser cutting machine?
1. Good beam quality: the smaller the cutting line is, the higher the processing efficiency is and the better the processing quality is;
2. Fast cutting speed: the optical fiber laser cutting machine is twice of the equal power CO2 laser cutting machine;
3. High stability: Wuhan Ruike fiber laser, stable performance, the service life of key components can reach 100000 hours;
4. Electro-optic conversion efficiency is very high.Optical fiber laser cutting machine is about 30%, three times of CO2 laser cutting machine, energy saving and environmental protection;
5. Low operating cost: the power consumption of the whole machine is only 20-30% of that of the same CO2 laser cutting machine;
6. Low maintenance cost: optical fiber transmission, no reflector;Basically free of maintenance, can save a lot of maintenance costs;
7. Simple operation: optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path;After a simple training can be used, very convenient.
    At present, the core technology and key technology of fiber laser are mostly in the hands of one or two manufacturers in Europe and The United States, so most of the equipment is expensive, most of them are more than 1.5 million yuan, low power consumption is also about 500,000 yuan.Because the fiber slit is very thin, the gas consumption is very high (especially in nitrogen cutting), in addition, it is difficult for optical fiber laser cutting machine to cut aluminum plate, copper plate and other high reflective materials, and the cutting speed is not obvious, the cutting thickness is more than 30mm.
    Even with the advantages and disadvantages of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, the advantages of the optical fiber laser cutting machine are greater than the general disadvantages.Just a few years ago, such achievements were made.The research and development of fiber laser technology still have broader space for development.I believe in the future, optical fiber laser cutting machine will bring us more technological surprises and processing breakthroughs!
fiber laser machine

    If you want fast and accurate cutting, then fiber optic laser cutting machine is essential.Optical fiber laser cutting machine can cut steel, brass, aluminum, etc., without fear of machine damage.
    The new technology produces a laser beam that is transmitted to the laser cutting head.Lasers transmit the heat of cutting metal to cut sheet metal with unmatched precision and quality.
    The full CNC laser cutting machine has excellent cutting quality and cutting materials such as titanium, brass, mild steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. In the operation of the fiber laser, you can see the beam through the collimating lens with the help of optical configuration, and through the lens formed metal.It gives the material the desired shape and ensures that the material is properly trimmed.
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine USES metal plate to process advertising trademarks, high/low voltage electrical cabinets, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils and automobiles, etc., to carry out efficient etching of materials, which adds significance to the aesthetic design of materials.
    In addition, the laser cutting machine is simple to operate.All you need to do is follow the three-step approach:
    Create a page in the graphics software and import the designs that you want to sculp or create your own custom designs.
    Set your laser machine to send your design to the laser.Now, move to the print driver, select the laser parameters to use, or select the default material Settings from the database.
    Finally, select your document, place the material on the machine, close the machine door, and continue cutting.

    Laser cutting machines are involved in all walks of life.Due to business demand, some customers may need to reduce the carbon steel material by approximately 8mm.For such a thick material, many customers are still choosing flame cutting or CNC punch.However, the processed product has more burr and slower speed.
    Which laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting 8mm carbon steel?
    The 8mm thick carbon steel material for the traditional cutting equipment not only cannot meet the speed requirements, but also has a certain quality gap with the laser cutting machine.Laser cutting machine, with its strong cutting ability, fast speed and high machining precision, has become the cutting equipment of sheet metal.In addition, optical fiber laser cutting machine can also according to the need to cut a variety of complex graphics, to meet the needs of various industries.
    We can consider the following three aspects:
1. If long-term cutting of metal material below 6mm is recommended, 500W will be selected.The optical fiber laser cutting machine has moderate power, relatively cheap price and fast economic benefit.
2. If we often cut carbon steel of about 8mm, we suggest using a 1000W optical fiber laser cutting machine, which is equipped with a switch table and the cutting speed is 3m/min.
3. When the cutting range of carbon steel material is greater than 8mm, optical method is recommended.Fiber optic laser cutting machines with more than 2000 watts of power are more capable.Although the price will be higher, it will be more cost effective considering the long-term development of the business.
    Fiber laser is a new kind of fiber laser developed in the world. It outputs high energy density laser beam and focuses on the workpiece surface, which makes the surface irradiated by ultra-fine focus melt and vaporize instantaneously. The spot irradiation position is moved by the    CNC mechanical system to realize automatic cutting.Compared with gas laser and solid laser, they have obvious advantages and have gradually developed into important application fields in high-precision laser processing, lidar system, space technology, laser medicine and other fields.
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine can be used for plane cutting, also can be used for bevel cutting, the edge is flat and smooth, suitable for metal plate and other high-precision cutting.At the same time, the mechanical arm can replace the original import of the five-axis laser 3d cutting.Compared with ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine, it saves space and gas consumption, and has high photoelectric conversion rate. It is a new product of energy saving and environmental protection, and also one of the world's leading technological products.
fiber laser machine

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