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How to choose laser cutting machine
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    The rapid development of science and technology not only promotes the reform of many traditional industries, but also gives birth to many new industries.Today, I want to talk to you about a high-tech approach that is widely used in industrial pipelines.Laser cutting machine.
    Under the condition of strong technical force in Our country, the cutting quality, effect and cost of laser cutting machine have been greatly improved.Many industries have been widely used.Laser cutting machine is the cutting requirement of personalized development for planar cutting, drilling, cutting and carving of circular pipe.Through the computer control system, the computer can draw arbitrary graphics, complete all kinds of complex graphics cutting, the operation is simple.
    Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting machine is not only fast, low power consumption, and no mechanical stress on pipe fitting, product effect, precision and cutting speed are very good, and simple maintenance.In recent years, the development of laser cutting machine is very rapid.It has gradually replaced the traditional technology and become a trend of metal processing industry.
    Because of the advantages of laser cutting machine, the processing cost is greatly reduced.At the same time, combined with a variety of flexible payment methods, more and more hardware processing enterprises, bathroom manufacturers and auto parts processing enterprises more and more use laser cutting machine.
    Laser has accumulated more than 10 years of pipe and plate cutting machine research and development technology and application experience, is a famous pipe.Manufacturer of laser cutting machines.Launched a number of metal tube laser cutting machine with high precision, fast speed, high cost performance advantages!

    Laser cutting machine is widely used in construction machinery industry, which also has many USES.Let's look at the application of laser cutting machines in the construction machinery industry.Reviewing the development of construction machinery in the past 10 years, we can see that the construction machinery industry is developing towards informatization, intelligentization and integration.As one of the barometers of national economic development, the sales data of construction machinery industry is growing day by day, and the updated quantity is also increasing year by year.
    Laser cutting machine was widely used in construction machinery industry 10 years ago, mainly used for cutting and blanking of concrete, cranes, pavers, loaders, port machinery, excavators, fire fighting machinery, sanitary machinery and other products.
    Laser enterprises to promote laser cutting machine
    In recent years, many laser enterprises vigorously promote the application of plate.Laser cutting machine and in the pipeline laser cutting machine industry, provides a wide range of industry solutions.Take bulldozer as an example: organic cover, floor wing plate, bottom guard plate, platform frame, main frame, cab, barrel, arm, rod and so on all need laser cutting machine for processing.As for why choose to use the laser cutting machine, because the laser cutting machine in the processing of non-contact processing, no mechanical deformation, processing speed, high precision, wide range of use, flexibility.
    Advantages of laser cutting machine
    High speed, smooth, flat cut, generally do not need follow-up processing;Heat affected area is small, plate deformation is small, slit is narrow;No mechanical stress, no shear burr;High machining precision, good repeatability, no damage to the material surface;Numerical control programming, can process any scheme, can cut the whole board, the width is large, do not need to open mold, economical and time-saving characteristics.
    With the deepening of research and integration of elements such as "Internet+" and "big data", laser cutting machine will continue to develop towards the direction of high precision and high intelligence, solve many problems in the process of construction machinery production, and will be more widely used in the construction machinery industry.
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    How to choose laser cutting machine
    Laser cutting machine other equipment in the whole procurement process have their own selection criteria.In fact, to select such equipment, it is necessary to determine the final production range, and according to the processing material or cutting thickness of the effective selection, so as to determine the purchase of equipment or the corresponding machine model.In order to do the follow-up procurement and basic work, how to choose laser cutting machine, there are more selection criteria.
    1, fine cut
    The laser cutting machine should also pay attention to its cutting fineness, which can be basically controlled between 0.1mm~0.2mm.
    2. Smoothness of cutting surface
    The finish of the cutting surface of the laser cutter is also important in the actual cutting process, to see if they have burrs on the cutting surface.In general, laser cutting machines have a certain amount of burr, which basically depends on the thickness of the cut or the gas used.Burr is no less than 3mm. Nitrogen is the best gas, followed by oxygen.If there is air, the effect is the worst.Fiber optic laser cutting machines have relatively few burrs and even without burrs the surface is very smooth.
    3. Observe the deformation of the material
    If the laser cutter is used for cutting, the equipment with good material deformation effect is very small.
    4. Look at the power supply
    Most manufacturers have their own power requirements.Laser cutting machines and other equipment.From the current situation, most factories are also cutting the metal plate below 6mm, so there is no need to buy a high-power cutting machine.
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