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Laser cutting machines are widely used
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    Laser cutting is produced with the continuous progress of manufacturing technology.It works by using the principle of energy focusing.Driven by technology and standards, the society has more perfect requirements for precision instruments, mold manufacturing and product processing.Therefore, the emergence of laser cutting can just meet the needs of people.In addition, laser cutting is more efficient and standard through related computer and robot supporting facilities.Laser cutting can keep the perpendicularity and direction of cutting, and the size of cutting can keep the cutting force accurately, while also keeping the cutting surface smooth and stable.The application of laser cutting involves various aspects.
    Laser cutting in the new material industry rapid development stage, laser cutting in metal manufacturing, cutting and copper, titanium metal (including new materials, synthetic processing products, etc.), the application of more and more widely, laser cutting in aircraft manufacturing, space equipment manufacturing applications of more and more important, which requires precision manufacturing related equipment.
    In short, in today's society, with the rapid development of science and technology and the wide application of materials, laser cutting technology has been more powerful applications.I believe that in the future, laser cutting technology will reach every corner of our daily life, bringing convenience to our life and improving the quality and level of life.
    Different industries have different requirements for laser cutting machines.
    Automobile body stamping parts production line has the characteristics of continuity, high efficiency and high reliability.The auto industry needs to be able to study the process characteristics of auto parts and communicate with the auto industry to develop a modular, serialized flexible production line.Flexible production line for automobile engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, CAM shaft, housing and other wheel processing parts processing, adaptive hybrid production module of rapid combination, can the restructuring production line and master the function evaluation and tracking error, quality control, and governance of integration technology, developed a high speed, precise and reliable production line.CNC cutting machine with high - speed material and auxiliary equipment deburring functions.
    The processing parts of large ship wheel hub are mainly concentrated in the base, frame, cylinder block, cylinder head, piston rod, crossheader, connecting rod, crankshaft, and transmission shaft, rudder shaft and propeller of reduction box of high-power diesel engine.Wheel hub processing parts using special alloy steel, generally for small batch processing, processing output is required.Hub parts have the characteristics of large weight, complex shape, high precision, processing difficulty.The processing of large ship wheel hub parts needs heavy and super heavy.CNC cutting machine high power, high reliability, multi - axis.
    For example, a single pressure vessel in a nuclear power plant weighs 400 to 500 tons, and a single rotor of a large steam turbine or generator weighs more than 100 tons, which requires more than 30 years of reliable operation.Therefore, the manufacturing of key components of the power generation equipment of CNC cutting machine has the characteristics of large specification, high stiffness and high reliability.
    The structural characteristics of typical parts in aviation industry are that the whole thin-wall structure is widely used and the shape is complex.To improve aircraft mobility, increase payload and range, reduce cost, carry out lightweight design, and make extensive use of new lightweight materials.At present, a large number of aluminum alloy, superalloy, titanium alloy, high strength steel, composite materials, engineering ceramics and other complex structure of thin-walled honeycomb parts with complex shapes, with many holes, cavities, grooves, reinforcement plates and so on.According to the structural characteristics and processing requirements of the aviation industry machinery parts, the CNC cutting machine is required to have sufficient rigidity, simple operation, clear man-machine interface, spline interpolation and process average control, in order to reduce the impact on the machining accuracy of the bend Angle, and has on-line measurement and simulation functions.
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    Setting the cutting speed of laser cutting machine
    The faster the metal cutting speed, the higher the cutting efficiency of laser cutting machine.But in cutting, usually choose the appropriate cutting speed, in order to ensure the quality of the cutting workpiece.The laser gives you two conditions to slow down.
    Conditions: Transition lead method was used.Because of its small size, fast cutting speed and high temperature before cooling, it is very important to cut off the arc.The workpiece is badly burned at the beginning and end of cutting and its shape is irregular, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of surface size and roughness.Through experiments, a single workpiece was combined together to cut several workpiece at one time, and the transition method was adopted for drawing, and the starting point and end point were overlapped.After a thorough cutting, the work piece of the combustion and melting defects.
    Conditions: Cutting over 4mm thick plate.Laser cutting in practice through processing of several factors affecting the cutting quality of mastery and understanding, according to the carbon steel plate "high speed, plate of low pressure low speed" principle, for stainless steel and aluminum materials adopt the principle of "plate of low pressure low speed", effectively adjust the process parameters, can work out high quality, high precision of steel structural parts, give full play to the high efficiency, high precision machining and cutting edge.
    Why does the workpiece processed by laser cutting machine produce burr?
    In fact, burrs are particles that remain on the surface of a metallic material.In the process of machining, the high energy generated by laser beam shining on the workpiece surface makes the workpiece surface evaporate rapidly, and then the slag on the workpiece surface is blown away by auxiliary gas to achieve the purpose of cutting.Auxiliary gas is one of the main causes of surface burr of workpiece.
    Generally speaking, each laser cutting machine must be equipped with auxiliary gas.If auxiliary gas is not used, after cooling the slag, it will form a burr attached to the cutting surface of the workpiece.However, the choice of auxiliary gas also has its particularity.When purchasing auxiliary gas, customers should choose the gas supplier with better quality. The purity of gas is also very important.
    In addition to the selection of auxiliary gases, attention should also be paid to the setting of equipment.When customers buy laser cutting machines, they must have professional operators to adjust the equipment.Adjust the cutting parameters to the optimal state, including air pressure, flow focal length, cutting speed and so on need to be adjusted several times, which will affect whether the workpiece surface will produce burrs.
    In most cases, the workpiece surface has burrs, which are usually due to incorrect use of the laser cutter.
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