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Possible problems and solutions in the use of CNC machine
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    Possible problems and solutions in the use of CNC machine tools
    Although CNC machine tools are fast and efficient, there is one thing that cannot be avoided.
    However, just like any other machine, this one will have problems over time.It may be due to user misuse or lack of maintenance.As with other tools, there are things that users can do in normal practice that can cause these machines to break.Still, there are steps users can take to keep them in good shape to make them work.
    As a user, people know that they may encounter several problems that can lead to an indeterminate number of problems and errors in CNC machine tools.Some of these problems are more fixed than big ones.Therefore, these small problems are neglected and neglected problems.
    From burn marks on the machined parts to the fixation of different moving parts, to the imprecision of the machined parts or problems caused by improper power supply, the following are some small and common problems in CNC machine tools.
Poor or improper maintenance
Incorrect Settings or tools
Bad or improper programming
The machine is overheating
Workers are underskilled and undertrained
Power supply problems
Automatic knife change problem
Machine vibration/flutter
Clamping/unclamping of blocks and fixtures
    1、Poor or improper maintenance
This is a mainstream issue that is often overlooked.Modern machines with constantly moving mechanical parts, such as CNC machine tools, require regular cleaning and maintenance, which enables them to operate in the best way possible.
However, a lack of attention to cleaning up dirt and other debris can be one of the reasons machines are not accurate.As a result, it causes machine failure.
Measures to prevent this problem:
Now the question is -- how can we prevent this problem?
Preventing this problem is simple, and the machine owner and operator need to understand the nuances of the machine when buying it.In addition, they need to make sure that they pass detailed instructions and follow detailed maintenance rules for the tools being used on the machine.
In addition, operators and owners should ensure that coolant or airflow levels, such as air filters, are checked regularly.This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted operation.It is important to note that in the cooling system, there is an overheated spindle which can cause the air filter to clog.
    2、Incorrect Settings or tools
Choosing the wrong tool, often, may result in the quality of the work and poor material completion.This inferiority can be experienced through rough edges, tool marks on the surface, burn marks or raised marks on the corners and edges of the material.The widespread use of a tool can also lead to such errors.
In addition, poor material finishing may be due to the blunt nature of the tool, in use, or may be due to inappropriate feed rate.When the size, quality, or material of the work is matched, misfeeding of these factors may also be due to the wrong size of the cost of the work at hand.
Measures to prevent this problem:
To solve this problem, people need to be very careful when operating machines, pay attention to picking up the right tools, and also set up the materials for the task at hand.
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    3、Poor or inappropriate programming
Most highly groundbreaking equipment is controlled by CNC computers, and when these machines are programmed incorrectly, many problems in CNC machine tools can arise.The problem could be caused by not knowing the G and M codes (which are used for machine controllers), by setting up the tools in the wrong way, or by workers entering the wrong data variables.
Measures to prevent this problem:
However, these problems can be addressed by providing adequate training to new operators.Machine owners can ensure that new operators are properly trained in different ways that CNC machine tools can be programmed.
The workshop machine supplier or experienced operator should provide the new operator with extensive user manual and training, machine operation and movement sequencing.
    4、The machine is overheating
The use of CNC machine tools for a long time, large volume, will lead to overheating.In some cases, CNC machine tools may reach temperatures of 150 degrees or more due to overuse.Therefore, this will not only harm the processing work with poor quality, but also affect the output of processing work.
In addition, the change of workshop temperature may also be one of the reasons for the overheating of CNC machine tools.Opening doors and Windows to allow air/wind in will affect the accuracy of machine tool operation.
In addition, there is a good wide window where sunlight can freely shine on the side of the cold air conditioner, which is good for the operator, but this will affect the finished product of the machine, because it will deform on the shaft.
In addition, overheating of the machine spindle may be due to overuse of the machine at its maximum speed.Spindles lubricated with grease should not be used for a long time.
Measures to prevent this problem:
There are ways to avoid this, and people can make sure they clear all channels and remove dirt, soil and materials at regular intervals.Having a calendar that keeps a daily cleaning schedule for all the metal shavings and liquids used in the cutting process is a great way to avoid overheating the machine.
To prevent machine tool spindles from overheating, operators can use spindles lubricated with air oil or with oil injection, which is a better choice because they have no problems for the longest time.
    5、Workers are underskilled and undertrained
With the rapid increase in computer and programming applications, CNC machine tools require an operator with sufficient knowledge, skills, and training to handle the different requirements of the machine programming language.
Without the right planning, organization, and programming skills, workers will not be able to get the required output from these machines, regardless of their processing skills and experience.
Measures to prevent this problem:
To ensure that this error does not occur, machine owners need to ensure that the machine operators they employ have good visualization skills, are able to design processes, choose the right tools and sequences for tasks, and are good at writing the right programs.
    6、Power supply problems
In many cases, the display or different components of a CNC machine tool may not work due to a power supply problem.
Measures to prevent this problem:
To correct this, however, you must ensure that the input has sufficient power and voltage.You should also check that the output end or secondary side is working properly.
In the absence of a power supply or low voltage reading, it is a good idea to consider disconnecting the output line and outages.In addition, we can check the power supply with the power booster, and if it wants to determine it, then it can go through the output re-check process.They can also check to see if the LEDS on the machine are working properly, and they can also check the fuses.
A stable power supply is a prerequisite for CNC machine tools to work.It is the basis of trouble-free operation of CNC machine tools.
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    7、Automatic knife change problem
Usually, there will be a period of time when the user will be challenged by the automatic tool changer in your CNC machine tool.
Prevention methods:
However, these minor issues can be addressed by understanding each step of the tool change process and how to troubleshoot machine problems by diagnosing errors.
In addition, check the base, clamping arm, tool holder, support arm and tool magazine for work and make sure they are running smoothly.
In addition, they should check the role of the rotating and robotic arms to ensure their normal operation.Chip and coolant for automatic tool changer and tool holder must be cleaned regularly.
    8、Mechanical vibration/flutter
If the CNC machine tool vibrates at work, it is likely to reduce the service life of the tool, affect its durability, and damage the quality of the parts being processed.This can be observed by listening to the noise produced by the machine.
To prevent this problem:
To solve this problem, the operator needs to diagnose the workpiece chatter or tool chatter.They can also change the RPM of the machine.By doing so, they ensure that the frequency of the processing does not resonate with the frequency of the material.

    9、Clamping/unclamping of blocks and fixtures
This can be a considerable problem when the part to be dealt with cannot be safely held by the block, or is constantly moving or vibrating during the process.
Measures to prevent this problem:
This problem can be solved in the following ways:
Check that the parts are properly positioned as safety fixtures.
Also check the hydraulic pump and its pressure.
If the chuck works based on the MDI M- code command.
Check that the lubricant is being used adequately to hold the material.
Avoid point griping and instead choose a wider surface grab.
It is necessary to check for dirt, which may cause dirt and debris to play a role in machine failure.
Check the working output of solenoid valve.If the output is working properly, a disconnect on the connector may be a problem.
If the chuck is not on/off, check to see if the foot switch is working -- see if the contacts are still working and if the wires are still running.
Check whether the towing pipe connecting the hydraulic cylinder and block is working.

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