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Why invest in metal laser cutting machines
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    The best part about the metal laser cutter is that it destroys the manufacturer's choice.Here are two kinds of metal laser cutting machines that are taking over the market.
    A. Direct diode laser
    Technology is rapidly advancing the industry, and direct diode metal laser cutting technology is one example.As the name suggests, direct diode laser technology USES diodes directly to produce lasers.In doing so, it eliminates the doped fiber system commonly seen in fiber laser cutting machines.Therefore, by eliminating the intermediate process, the machine becomes more powerful and efficient due to its cutting speed of thick material, providing aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other materials with better edge quality than fiber.
    B. Optical fiber laser cutting machine
    The optical fiber laser cutter made its debut in 2008.For better cutting speeds and lower operating costs, the machine USES a set of diodes to make its laser.The laser is then amplified by fiber optic cables and guided to the metal surface.
    Thanks to a powerful laser, the machine has proven how fast it can cut through metal surfaces up to half an inch thick.No wonder, then, that fiber-optic laser cutters are so popular in the metal-working industry.In addition, optical fiber laser cutting machine is also a wise investment.The reason behind this is that fiber optic laser cutting machines have fewer moving parts or mirrors and therefore require less maintenance during their fair share of the warranty period.

    Why invest in metal laser cutting machines?
    Usually, companies choose to subcontract or lease a machine until they complete a specified project.Perhaps this is the best course of action, since no one wants to invest a large sum of money in a machine that can be bought in a short time.Moreover, the risk of loss in this case is fairly low.
    However, as you work, the demand for quality will increase, not including the shortage of deadlines.Therefore, you are called upon to make the choice of investing in metal laser cutting machines.
    In the midst of the complexity and anxiety of making a large investment, look at your past expenses and subcontracting, and see how much you spent or spent on a machine.If you don't think so, see how much you could have saved.Doing so will prove that you need to bring metal laser cutting to the house.In addition, it will make your production process fast and efficient.And don't forget, it will greatly reduce labor costs.
    Real-time cost of metal laser cutting machines
    For a manufacturer, before buying a metal laser cutter, even before buying a metal laser cutter, it is a little stubborn.It is indeed an investment!Moreover, the expectation of a better outcome is fair.However, it is important to understand the actual situation of the machine.
    Regardless of what peers or different sites say, there is a real time cost to this machine.The manufacturer should be aware of the operating cost and efficiency level of the machine.It is important for the owner to track the efficiency of the machine.
    Therefore, it is necessary to find software that can track the overall work output of the metal laser cutting machine compared with the time.It is in this way that the manufacturer can determine the impact of the machine on the company's performance.
    How to adjust the optical path of optical fiber laser cutting machine
    Optical path adjustment principle Optical fiber laser cutting machine:
    By adjusting the Angle of the three mirrors, the parallel optical path is finally realized.The laser head is in the same position at any position and is finally focused at the center of the focusing lens.How to adjust the optical path optical fiber laser cutting machine :(adjust the current to 4-5ma)
    1. Check if the laser hits the first reflector.(Method Cover the first mirror with a plastic sheet and press the test button to see the location of the laser spot).If the laser does not hit the first lens, adjust the position of the first lens.
    2. Check whether the laser can be applied to the second and third mirrors.If not, adjust the M1, M2 and M3 screws behind the lens.
    3. Paste at least two layers of double-sided tape at the entrance of the laser tube (as shown in Figure 6-3 of the laser tube), move the laser head to the upper right corner of the table, press the test key of the control panel, and make a laser point.
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    What material is suitable for metal laser cutting machine?
    Metal birth laser cutting machine is mainly to improve the work efficiency and cutting accuracy.However, high efficiency and precision are far beyond the reach of human operation.
    With the progress of the society, more and more advanced technology is applied to the use of names.For example, in the last century, lasers were a strange and mysterious thing for ordinary people.Now, with the development of technology, laser has been widely used in many industries.Today, let's talk about those suitable for laser cutting machines.
    1. Carbon steel plate cutting:
    The gaatai laser cutting system can cut carbon steel with a maximum thickness of close to 20 mm, and narrow the slit of the sheet to about 0.1mm.The laser cutting low carbon steel has a very small heat affected area, and the cutting joint is flat and smooth with good perpendicularity.For high carbon steel, the quality of laser cutting edge is better than that of low carbon steel, but its thermal influence range is larger.
    2. Stainless steel cutting:
    Laser cutting makes it easier to cut stainless steel plates.The maximum thickness of stainless steel can be up to 8mm by using high-power optical fiber laser cutting system.
   3. Alloy steel plate cutting:
    Most alloy steels can be laser cut with good cutting edge quality.However, for tool steel and hot die steel with high tungsten content, erosion and slag adhesion will occur during laser cutting.
    4. Aluminum alloy plate cutting:
    Aluminum cutting belongs to melt cutting.Good cutting quality can be obtained by blowing off the fused material in the cutting zone with auxiliary gas.At present, the maximum thickness of cutting aluminum plate is 3mm.
    5. Cutting other metal materials:
    Copper is not suitable for laser cutting.It's very thin.Most titanium, titanium and nickel alloys can be laser cut.
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