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How to choose the appropriate CNC router
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    Many buyers of CNC routers are often caught in the price trap of CNC routers, while ignoring the quality of CNC routers.So, how to choose the appropriate CNC router?
    CNC router has high cost, high production efficiency, saves processing cost, and attracts a lot of business.When purchasing CNC routers, buyers often receive unbalanced quotations from manufacturers and sellers of CNC routers. In this case, many buyers often fall into the price trap of CNC routers while ignoring the quality of CNC routers.
    So, how to choose the appropriate CNC router?What are the factors that affect the price of CNC routers?
    ACCTEK will introduce the following factors affecting the price of CNC routers:
    1. Brand: For a product, if the brand is different, the price will be different. I believe we all know this truth.Of course, the big brands of CNC routers will be more expensive and better than after-sales service.
    2. Material cost: Different CNC routers produce different materials with a large gap.The price of CNC routers with good accessories and materials will be relatively high.
    3. R&d and technical input.
    CNC router is a kind of high-tech CNC equipment in order to ensure the leading product technology and product quality, well-known brand CNC router manufacturers have a large number of research costs.Among the assembled staff, these CNC router manufacturers will hire experienced engineers to invest in both aspects, which is an important guarantee of the quality of the CNC router.Of course, there is a corresponding increase in product costs.
    4. Parts and raw materials.
    Good purchase of raw materials and accessories for CNC routers is the guarantee of high quality products, quality and after-sales service from regular manufacturers.As we all know, the price of good quality products is higher than the price of ordinary products, because the cost of raw materials and accessories is relatively high, the price will be higher.
    5. Suppliers and agents.
    There is also a certain price gap between factory direct selling and sales agent. Factory direct selling is cheaper than agent, but agent is cheaper than manufacturer. All these are uncertain factors.
    6. After-sales service investment.
    In order to ensure that every time to buy CNC router, timely after-sales service, conventional CNC router manufacturer usually equipped with a group of proficient in operating CNC router and technical service personnel, after receiving customer calls, strong after-sales service team can provide timely technical support and maintenance services, to ensure the smooth progress of the customer production and processing.
    Above is the six major factors influencing the price of CNC router, when buying CNC router, should not only pay attention to the quality, the price of CNC router and CNC router will focus on the service life of CNC router, machining efficiency, precision and after-sales service to make a choice, choose suitable for their own products processing of CNC router.
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    Here is an introduction to ACCTEK's flagship product. With its exquisite appearance and excellent configuration, ACCTEK can't help but want to buy it.Automatic tool change CNC woodworking engraving machine is one of ACCTEK's popular products, deeply loved by the majority of consumers.
    Features and advantages of ACCTEK Automatic tool change CNC engraving machine:
    1. The bed adopts strong steel tube structure, and adopts heavy and strong structure for analysis and design to reduce stress and make the working table more stable.
    2. The internationally renowned 9.0kW Italian HSD spindle is adopted. The air-cooled spindle is very convenient for use without water pump.Some cryogenic countries can also use it.
    3. High performance Yaskawa servo motor of Japan is adopted to realize stable operation of high-precision working servo motor and no vibration phenomenon even at low speed.It has strong overload capacity.
    4. CNC synchronous control system controls the automatic tool change system of 6 ~ 8 blocks.These tools can change very quickly and reliably.
    5. The control system of lathe bed controls the positioning bearing ball screw and the straight slide, and the automatic lubrication system maintains the positioning bearing ball screw and straight slide.
    6. Breakpoint memory, etching after power failure, prediction of processing time, etc.
    Compatible with Type3/ArtCAM/Castate and other CAD/CAM design software.
    If you are interested in this engraving machine, please click the link below and go to our official website for more information.
cnc router

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