How to distinguish advertising engraving machine from woodworking engraving machine

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There are a lot of users for advertising carving machine and woodworking carving machine boundary is not very clear, some manufacturers also take advertising carving machine as woodworking carving machine to fool customers.
    There are a lot of users for advertising carving machine and woodworking carving machine boundary is not very clear, some manufacturers also take advertising carving machine as woodworking carving machine to fool customers, so we will analyze advertising carving machine and woodworking carving machine have what is different.
    1. From the analysis of materials, in the advertising industry, there are generally PVC, acrylic, hibiscus board, etc., which are relatively soft materials, so the 1.5KW spindle can completely meet the carving needs.The wood material is generally density board, composite board, solid wood and other hard texture, if the spindle of 1.5KW is easy to cause power shortage, the carving knife is easy to break, generally with the spindle of more than 2.2KW can be.
    2, from precision analysis, and now on the market generally screw engraving machine engraving machine all points and rack engraving machine, the screw carving machine and rack in the engraving machine screw and rack, this basically is power transmission way, and 10 points 5 and guidance of a ball screw, the accuracy of the lead screw rack of relatively accurate, but the downside is underpowered, engraving speed is slow, and the power rack, precision carving also can also, so engraving machine used in the woodworking industry, most are rack transmission.
    The general thickness of wood cutting model is below 3mm, and the general speed is 0.5-1.2 m/min.Wood veneer parquet cutting is generally equipped with a double focusing mirror.Customers with high requirements, try to choose rf tube.Because the radiofrequency tube spot is exquisite, the slit is fine.Clothes tree carving for carving the best choice of small area engraving machine.Wood engraving according to the size of the graphics, the effect of setting the machine speed.Some customers want to carve more black, can choose to defocus sculpture.Air pump size affects the degree of burning.
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    Advertisement engraving machine maintenance notes
    The working environment should avoid strong current and strong magnetic and other items, so as not to affect the advertising engraving machine signal transmission equipment.In addition, advertising engraving equipment needs to use a three-core power supply, to ensure a good grounding of advertising engraving machine, reduce interference.The working voltage of advertisement engraving machine should be stable to avoid big fluctuation. A voltage regulator can be installed.
    In the process of the production of powder, dust more, daily maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment.Advertising engraving machine in use should pay attention to keep the screw, guide rail and other components clean and lubrication, timely cleaning dust and to the transmission parts oil;Operators should be timely cleaning, refueling, no live plug.
    Processing precision in addition to rely on advertising engraving machine to ensure that there are reasonable processing technology is also very important.In order to ensure the accuracy of processing, more attention should be paid to the rationality of processing technology.
    Engraving the cutting tool itself manufacturing technology and precision will affect the advertising engraving machine processing precision.Therefore, please choose the tool suitable for processing.
    Advertising engraving machine operator proficiency for machining precision and efficiency, customers in this area needs and requirement of technical secondary school or above degree, and should be fairly computer basis, in the training process should be proactive and targeted learning, can choose in the different material in different engraving speed and use different tools to cooperate with reasonable use, this need time to accumulate experience, grasp well, to extend the service life of advertising engraving machine and cutting tool is very helpful.
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    Why does the stepping motor of advertisement engraving machine get hot
    1. For all kinds of stepper motors, the interior is composed of iron core and winding coil.The windings have resistance, current will produce loss, the loss is proportional to the resistance and the square of the current, this is what we often say copper derivative, if the current is not the standard DC or sine wave, will also produce harmonic loss;Iron core has hysteresis eddy current effect, in the alternating magnetic field will also produce loss, its size and material, current, frequency, voltage related, this is called iron loss.Copper loss and iron loss will be in the form of heat, thus affecting the efficiency of the motor.The stepper motor generally pursues positioning accuracy and torque output, with low efficiency, large current and high harmonic components. The frequency of alternating current also changes with the speed, so the stepping motor generally has heating, and the situation is more serious than the general AC motor.
    2. Reasonable range of stepping motor heating To what extent motor heating is allowed depends mainly on the internal insulation level of the motor.Internal insulation is damaged at high temperatures (above 130 degrees).So as long as the inside does not exceed 130 degrees, the motor will not be damaged, and the surface temperature will be below 90 degrees.Therefore, the surface temperature of stepper motor is normal at 0-80 degrees.Simple temperature measurement method is useful for point thermometer, but also rough judgment: the hand can touch more than 12 seconds, not more than 60 degrees with the hand can only touch, about 70-80 degrees;A few drops of water vaporize quickly, then 90 degrees above.
    3. When constant current driving technology is adopted, the current of stepping motor will remain relatively constant at static and low speed to maintain constant torque output.When the speed is high enough, the reverse potential inside the motor will increase, the current will gradually decrease, and the torque will also decrease.Therefore, the heat caused by copper loss is related to the speed.At static state and low speed, the heating is generally high; at high speed, the heating is low, but the proportion of iron loss is small.) However, it is not always true that the heating of the whole motor is the sum of the two, so the above is just a general situation.
    4, although the motor heating generally will not affect the life of the motor, for most customers, it is not necessary to pay attention to.However, severe fever can have some negative effects.For example, the variation of structural stress and internal air gap caused by different thermal expansion coefficients of each part of the motor will affect the dynamic response of the motor, and the high speed will be easy to lose step.Such as some occasions do not allow excessive heat of the motor, such as medical equipment and high-precision testing equipment.Therefore, the heating of the engraving machine should be controlled.

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