What kinds of engraving machines can be classified into

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according to the application domain to points can be divided into advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, metal engraving machine four categories,.
    Engraving machine is laser engraving machine and CNC engraving machine, CNC engraving machine working principle is through the computer controller (such as macro control card), can convert the information to drive the mechanical and electrical machine carved with a power signal, control engraving machine host generation X, Y, Z three axis engraving cutter path, namely the G code.At the same time engraving machine spindle motor equipped with cutting tools through high-speed rotation, fixed on the table for processing materials, can be engraved in the computer design of a variety of plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, complete the engraving processing operations.CNC engraving machine, also known as CNC engraving machine, is widely used in a number of industries, and because of the differences in each industry, the engraving machine model and its use of the internal configuration are also very different, so there are a lot of different types of engraving machine,
    Before we know how much is the engraving machine, we must first know there are many types of engraving machine is, according to the application domain to points can be divided into advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, metal engraving machine four categories, among them the most kinds of woodworking engraving machine, according to the function and can be divided into automatic tool change function of woodworking engraving machine cutting machine and more jobs, the cylinder engraving machine has the function of three-dimensional sculpture and common woodworking engraving machine single head, independent of the nose and pull-type head carving machine, engraving machine general x, y axis adopt gear and rack driving, ensure the idle speed is not slow, shaft adopts screw transmission, high precision,In recent years, in addition to the special requirements of customers, only a few engraving machines use full screw drive.The main functions of the engraving machine are cutting, hollowing, lacing and line cutting, punching and embossing.
    Woodworking carving machine
    Woodworking engraving machine under the CNC engraving machine is a lot of classification, which can be roughly divided into: wood engraving machine, carving machine, furniture coffin, carving machine, handicraft engraving machine and wood engraving machine, wood engraving machine is mainly used in wood door, cabinet door, wardrobe door industry, the configuration is higher than normal woodworking engraving machine, because the up-down material problem, so generally are equipped with a vacuum adsorption mesa, furniture engraving machine is mainly used in Europe type furniture, modern furniture, antique furniture, as well as the production of office furniture, in order to improve the machining efficiency, usually equipped with multiple spindle motor, the coffin engraving machine is mainly used in the coffin, ShouMu, the production of coffin,How spindle motor for 1825 model, configuration, coffin industry competition is mainly gallery competition, the factory tends to be so powerful in gallery will lead to raise other manufacturers, handicraft engraving machine can call relief engraving machine, 4-10 head general configuration, more head processing, reduce costs, improve production efficiency, the wood carving machine is the standard configuration of 1325 types of engraving machine its internal configuration according to the specific needs of the user to choose, generally suitable for decoration industry customers.
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    Computer engraving machine
    1. The computer engraving machine is composed of three parts: the computer, the engraving machine controller and the engraving machine.
    Principle of operation: design and typesetting of special engraving software configured by computer. Design and typesetting information is automatically transmitted by computer to the controller of engraving machine, which then converts the information into stepping motor or signal (pulse). Servo motor with power supply controls the engraving path of engraving machine on X, Y and axis of engraving machine.At the same time, the high speed rotating engraving head on the engraving machine can cut the processing materials fixed on the main table according to the cutting machine set up for processing, and carve out various flat or three-dimensional embossed patterns and characters designed in the computer.Materials.Achieve automatic engraving work.
    2. Application: Computer engraving machine has been widely used in various industries.In advertising production and architectural decoration industry, the use of computer engraving machine is computer lettering production after another take-off.Computer engraving machine engraving of the two-color board product market price is higher and higher, is entering the popular period.
    3. The quality requirements for display signs are also increasing.Some works require non-computer engraving.In the United States, the popularity of engraving machines has become a must-have office product for many companies, such as photocopiers, company badges, motto CARDS, and other symbols.Compared with traditional methods, computer engraving performance is more standardized, and it is more convenient to generate beautiful and durable logo patterns.Due to the increasing number of non-standard processing and multi-variety, small batch, fine and fast processing operations, these processing operations can only be completed by using CNC processing equipment.Computer engraving machine is an inexpensive high-precision CNC machine tool that can meet the above requirements.Moreover, various types of decorative materials appear in an endless variety of forms, and an increasing number of materials are available for engraving, making the computer engraving machine more useful.
    In advertising design and decoration, computer lettering has been widely used, but the use of computer engraving machine is just beginning, computer lettering can only use one kind of tool, processing materials limited to paper and film.Just cut the text and graphic outline on the paper.Computer engraving machine can complete complex computer controlled milling.There are many materials that can be processed, and nearly 100 kinds of carving tools are used.Therefore, the application scope of computer engraving machine will be expanded continuously.Advantages of 3D printing technology
    5, computer engraving machine is a typical integration of CAD/CAM is the winning interconnection technology company series products, computer engraving machine set editing and typesetting, carving functions in an organic whole, can be convenient and quick for various materials (such as organic glass, PVC board, ABS board, laminated, double-color board, foam board, PCB) printed circuit boards, high flexibility, low melting point, soft materials, rubber, guide plate, metal, mahogany, teak hardwood, such as marble, white marble, etc.), carving vivid, exquisite and durable text 2 d graphics and 3 d relief
    As an automatic processing equipment, computer engraving machine must be supported by professional CAD/CAM integrated engraving software.The deep penetration of engraving machine in various fields has put forward higher and higher requirements for engraving auxiliary design and processing software.
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