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How to choose the spindle and cutting tool of woodworking engraving machine
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    The spindle of woodworking engraving machine is the most important component of woodworking engraving machine. The advantages and disadvantages of the spindle directly affect the processing speed and precision of engraving machine. How to choose the spindle of high quality engraving machine is very important.
    1. In order to pursue the processing efficiency of woodworking engraving machine, it is necessary to have a fast speed and a large cutting capacity, such as the processing of solid wood materials, etc., spindle power of more than 3KW is needed.
    2. Whether the spindle motor of woodworking engraving machine adopts high-precision bearing, if not, the performance is that the spindle motor will overheat after high-speed rotation for a long time, which will affect the service life of the spindle motor.
    3, look at woodworking engraving machine spindle in different speeds rotation, especially high-speed rotation, sound is uniform and harmonious.
    4. See whether the main axis and diameter of the woodworking carving machine are stressed or not.The main reference is whether the high - speed cutting of hard materials.Some spindles can only cut hard materials at very low speeds, otherwise the spindle performance will be seriously lost, after a period of time affect the spindle accuracy, and even failure.

    In the process of processing, if the center of the tool and woodworking engraving machine spindle rotation center is not consistent will cause the radial beat of the tool, that is, we usually say that the tool rotation different center.Further understanding is that the normal high speed rotation of the tool should be a vertical line, different hearts will become a cone.In this way the machining accuracy and effect must be reduced, the tool will be easy to break.So how to reduce the radial runout of the tool during machining?
    First of all, we should be clear about the mating of the cutter and chuck, the mating of the chuck and nut, whether the knife method is correct and the quality of the tool itself are all factors affecting the runout.In this respect we should pay attention to the chuck and nut clean, no dust.Apply the knife with the correct force, too much or too little is not good.It is also very important that the length of the tool should be small.When necessary, the spindle motor speed should also be noted. For materials that do not require high spindle speed, such as copper, we can choose a reasonable spindle speed to reduce the radial runout.
    Secondly, how to reduce the radial run-out of the tool during machining.Why does radial run-out occur when a tool is being machined?It is because the radial cutting force intensifies the radial runout that reducing the radial cutting force is an important principle to reduce the radial runout.Using sharp knives, sharp cutting tool for processing the whole cutting force is small, this tool by the radial cutting force is small, so it can reduce the radial runout of cutting tool, cutting tool rake face to smooth: so when processing, can reduce the friction scraps of cutting tool, it can also reduce the tool by cutting force, and reduces the radial runout of the cutting tool;Use reverse milling in finishing: note that this is only used in finishing, rough machining or to use the use of milling, otherwise the service life of the tool is difficult to be guaranteed.When using reverse milling, the direction of the cutting force will always pull the tool towards the workpiece, so that the tool in the process is more stable;Then is the use of a strong woodworking engraving machine tool, increase the strength of the knife by increasing the diameter of the knife rod, the diameter of the knife rod increase by 20%, under the same radial cutting force, the radial tool can be reduced by 50%.

    How to use the cutter of woodworking engraving machine correctly?
    1, the size of the jacket should be appropriate, there is a section, not round, wear, taper hole of the jacket must not be selected, otherwise it will cause a stir, carve the role of ambition.
    2. The handle should touch the jacket gently, and the handle should be firmly inserted into the jacket and fastened. If the jacket is deformed after too long operation time, it is necessary to replace the jacket immediately.
    3, the tool to often watch patience, if the use of blunt, please immediately replace, if the continued use of not only carve the effect is not good, but also attack the condition of broken knife.
    4, woodworking engraving machine operation to be ordered, the thickness of the processing can not exceed the cutting edge of the thickness, as will still appear broken knife.
    5, for the cutting of different materials, probably reasonable use of cutting speed.
    6. The body, clothes and hair shall not be close to the objects in the work
    7, cutting speed to adhere to the balance, speed as far as possible to adhere to the same, ability to reach a very good role, cutting too long can not stay, to strike while the iron is hot.
    8, cutting tools to use a special cleaner to remove dirt.
    9. Butter prevents the tool from rusting.
    10. The cutter cannot polish itself or change the shape.

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