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What should we pay attention to about cnc machine in hot summer
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    Many customers who just start to use woodworking carving machines do not know how to improve the quality of woodworking carving machines.Here says the woodworking engraving machine itself the influence factor, as well as the environment influence factor.
    1. Poor machining quality of woodworking carving machine is usually reflected in two aspects: low dimensional accuracy and surface roughness.Factors influencing these two aspects include:
    (1) Process system stiffness.Includes rigidity of machine tools, fixtures, cutting tools and workpieces.
    (2) Processing technology.Are cutting parameters set correctly, paths set correctly, and speed parameters set correctly?
    (3) Engraving machine tool selection and tool quality.Whether the tool type is suitable for the current workpiece processing, whether the tool is seriously worn.
    2, at the same time the engraving machine surrounding environmental factors mainly include power supply (voltage stability), ambient temperature and humidity, vibration, dust, lightning and so on.
    (1) The influence of power supply on engraving machining is the most direct, mainly manifested as the disorder of control system.Each electronic device and each functional part of the control system has a certain voltage and frequency range. The overload operation of any part will inevitably lead to the instability of the whole system. If there is machining dislocation, first rule out whether the power supply voltage is stable.
    (2) Main influence of ambient temperature and humidity: performance of control system and performance of driving motor.When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the control system may have incorrect control and the driving torque of the drive motor may not reach the rated value.
    (3) The impact of vibration: mainly reflected in the frequency of short knives, the surface is not smooth.Common reasons are the process of contact machine tools, machine tool installation level is not qualified, there is a punch around.
    (4) Influence of dust: it affects the heat dissipation of electronic components and sensitivity of sensor.Common phenomena include the failure of light detection of the CPU fans of the computer and so on.Especially woodworking engraving machine, dust is inevitable, must pay attention to it.

    As the saying goes "no man is perfect"!No matter what may appear some problems, woodworking engraving machine is the same, the carved products may not be able to make 100 percent customer satisfaction, especially the failure of the lettering is not smooth, then we have to find out the reason, solve in time.
    1. There are mainly two reasons why engraving machine is not smooth:
    (1) There is a gap in y axis or X axis of the engraving machine, or there may be a gap in both axes at the same time, which will cause shaking during the carving process and deviation of the carving path, resulting in non-smooth lettering.
    (2) The linear speed of the engraving machine is too different from the curve speed, leading to the engraving machine in the curve when the vibration is too large, so that the engraving path deviation and the engraving is not smooth.
    2. Solutions:
    (1) The first reason: if the engraving machine is a circular rail, we need to find a way to change the guide or slider, the action will be relatively large, depending on the reason.If the square rail is much simpler, just adjust the slider up and down or back.
    (2) The second reason: to change the linear or curve speed, the change value is determined by the engraving machine's own parameters.
    The X direction is the same thing as the Y direction, so we're just going to say the X direction.First, by fine tuning, bring the tool slowly close to the left side of the material, and turn the tool gently with your hand until the tool just touches the material. Then, reset the left side of the X workpiece at this time, then lift the tool and move it to the right side. Once again, just touch the tool to the right side of the material, record the coordinate of the X workpiece at this time.And then the general position of this number is the center of the material in the X direction.The same goes for the Y direction.This woodworking engraving machine and Y direction of the center is determined, it is equivalent to the origin of the workpiece.

    In the hot summer, CNC engraving machine equipment not only to pay attention to room temperature, but also to pay attention to the air humidity, prevent the summer temperature is too high caused by the engraving fault, but also to pay close attention to the air humidity, prevent too wet caused engraving machine fault.Therefore, in view of the characteristics of high temperature and humidity in summer, in order to make the use of numerical control equipment safer, improve the reliability of equipment, and extend the service life, we hereby propose the following Suggestions:
    1, hot summer, the use of CNC engraving machine also should pay attention to cool the motorized spindle, focus on motorized spindle temperature at any time, watch the spindle overheating damage, some carving factory is equipped with water cooling spindle, when temperature is too high, always pay attention to the water tank temperature, adding new cold water in time, prevent the water temperature is too high and cannot have the effect of cooling water cycle of the main shaft, water-cooled spindle engraving machine equipment easily to damage of motorized spindle.
    2, the summer is generally the peak of residential electricity and often accompanied by thunderstorms, often appear power supply line voltage instability phenomenon, which in the engraving machine is often shown in the engraving machine spindle stop phenomenon, the engraving machine with low configuration will also appear drive overload burn off phenomenon.It is suggested that customers must polish their eyes when buying engraving machine and choose a engraving machine with higher configuration to reduce unnecessary losses.
    3. Keep the workshop ventilated and avoid too humid working environment.Because the appearance of the engraving machine adopts steel structure or cast iron structure is relatively solid, but the distribution box of the engraving machine is made up of some electronic components composed of circuit board, which is easy to cause short circuit and other unnecessary faults in too humid air.
    Use CNC engraving machine in addition to daily maintenance and maintenance, in special weather to pay more attention to the use of equipment, in order to engraving machine equipment and the safety of operators, friends in the summer use equipment is not careless.

    Woodworking engraving machine quality again good, long time no maintenance and maintenance is also often fails, to really make the equipment in the processing of for a long time to make our peace of mind, not only requires the quality of our equipment, often also requires us to equipment maintenance and maintenance, sums up the following what are woodworking engraving machine maintenance and maintenance:
    1. Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the circuit is intact and whether the voltage is stable. After checking the correctness, it is necessary to turn on the power supply of the machine.
    2, woodworking engraving machine spindle has two kinds, one is the air-cooled spindle, one is the water-cooled spindle, water-cooled spindle need to keep the cooling water clean and the normal work of the water pump, here clearly remind a point: water-cooled spindle motor must not appear water shortage phenomenon.In addition to the above maintenance work, the water temperature should also be paid attention to. Excessive cooling water temperature will greatly reduce the cooling effect and cause certain damage to the main shaft, so the cooling water should be replaced in time.Winter should also do anti-freezing measures to prevent water pipes from freezing crack.
    3. Regularly clean the heat dissipation and ventilation system of woodworking carving electrical road box, check whether each fan is working normally, regularly clean the dust in the electric control box, and check whether the wiring terminal screws are loose, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the circuit.
    4. Timely clean the guide rail and surrounding sawdust, and timely oil the transmission system of the equipment.
    5. Timely clean dust powder and oil stains on the sensor.
    6. After the woodworking carving machine is finished, take off the carving knife first and let the spindle chuck relax.This will help extend the life of the spindle chuck.Then clean the work surface, can brush cleaning;Pay attention to the work surface usually do not pile up all sundry, so as not to deformation of the platform.Finally, move the nose to the lower left or right position to stop collision, and then cut off the power.
    7. If you do not use woodworking engraving machine for a long time, it is best to electrify and empty once a week to prevent the machine from being affected by moisture and ensure the stable and reliable performance of the equipment electrical components.
    8, the cabinet had better not often open, in the engraving air will generally have dust, sawdust or metal powder, once they fall on the circuit board or electronic devices in the electric control box, easy to cause insulation resistance between components to drop, and even cause components and circuit board damage.
    9. Regularly check whether the screws in each part of the woodworking engraving machine are loose.
    10, vacuum pump maintenance: water circulation air pump suction mouth of the wire mesh is used to prevent dust into, filter to keep clean at any time, do not plug and cause the pump speed drop, when the pump is not used should be powered on a few minutes a week, to prevent the pump body rust can not run normally.The vacuum pump should also loosen the butterfly nut, take out the paper filter element and clean the filter screen with high-pressure gas regularly. If the filter element is found to be not ventilated or damaged, it should be replaced in time. According to the length of use, a high-pressure oil gun can be used to oil each bearing.

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