What are the extensive applications of laser cutting technology

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In the process of processing industry operation, laser cutting is a technology which is frequently used and widely applied.
     In the process of rapid economic development in China, the speed of industrial development is more obvious.In the process of industrial development, the importance of processing technology in the industry is gradually reflected.As a relatively advanced processing technology, laser cutting technology has a positive role in promoting the development of the whole industry from its development prospect and the importance of its application.The application of laser cutting technology not only improves the working efficiency of machining, but also makes the machining process more delicate.
     In the process of processing industry operation, laser cutting is a technology which is frequently used and widely applied.In the processing field, about 73% of the processing operations need to be completed by laser cutting technology.Compared with the traditional method of cutting, laser cutting technology of high precision, strong adaptability, low noise, good cutting quality waiting point is the application of large area, at the same time, for some complex and with the aid of large grinding tool to finish machining operations, under the application of laser cutting technology, not only need to apply the grinding tool, at the same time also can guarantee the quality of cutting.In the process of reducing production cost, improve production efficiency.Therefore, laser cutting technology is widely used in vehicle manufacturing, aviation and light industry.In recent years, in the process of the development of China's processing industry, laser cutting technology in the application of rapid development.
     The development trend of laser cutting technology
     Development into high speed, high precision cutting technology
     At present, China's processing and cutting technology is still backward.In view of this situation, China's processing and cutting technology in the process of development gradually towards the direction of high speed, high precision development.At present, the improvement of high-power laser beam mode and the related application of microcomputer make it possible to produce high-precision and high-speed machining and cutting equipment.At present, the speed of laser cutting technology applied in China has exceeded 20m/min. The two-axis moving speed of the cutting machine can reach 250m/min. The acceleration has reached about 10G during operation.In the application of laser cutting technology, the error between these holes is very small.It can be seen that the laser cutting technology has started to develop towards the direction of high speed and high precision in the practical application.
     The laser cutting technology applies the thick plate cutting and the large size workpiece cutting
     In the process of practical operation, it can be found that the power of laser cutting equipment applied in practical operation is gradually increasing, and the laser cutting fluid is developing from light industry thin plate cutting to heavy industry thick plate cutting.For the high-power 6KW laser can cut carbon steel plate thickness has reached 32mm.In the process of continuous improvement of cutting technology, China keeps trying, and 3KW laser is gradually applied in 32mm carbon steel plate for cutting.And the project operation is already running.In addition, the size range of the workpiece used in laser cutting technology is increasing.The current laser cutting technology can cut boards up to 6.3m long and 5.5m wide.From the actual cutting process can be found that the laser cutting technology has begun to develop towards the direction of thick plate, large size, prompting the laser cutting equipment is also designed towards this direction, so as to further improve the industrial processing technology. 
     Three - dimensional multi - axis CNC laser cutting technology
     After China's accession to the world trade organization, the frequent international exchanges have prompted all walks of life to gradually join the ranks of international competition.In this process, the automotive, aviation and other industries in the development of the process need to continue to apply laser cutting technology.In China, 5 - and 6-axis 3d laser cutting technology has been applied to machining operations.The application of 3d laser cutting machine in practical operation is helpful to the development of laser cutting technology towards a more fine direction.And 3d laser cutting technology is more efficient and has a wide range of applications.
     Automation and automation of cutting technology
     Economic development has promoted the maturity of processing technology.As a processing technology, it is necessary and urgent to develop the direction of automation and automation of laser cutting technology.At the same time, the application of computer network technology makes the automation and automation of laser cutting technology possible.At present, more laser cutting machines of this type have been produced in foreign countries, and the market demand for the application of this technology is also increasing, which makes the laser cutting technology gradually realize automation and automation.
     In general, in the process of rapid economic development, China's industrial processing industry develops very rapidly, and the number of industrial processing parts gradually increases, which promotes the application of laser cutting technology more and more widely

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