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advantages of laser machine and the characteristics of optical fiber machine
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  • Advantages 

Laser cutting can be applied to the following materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, wood, acrylic, rubber and fabric, can be cut in thickness from 0.5mm to up to 100mm.


High precision reprocessing:

High-precision laser cutters can easily and accurately reprocess products, which is very important in mass production situations.


Cutting quality:

Compared with the traditional method, laser cutting machine can provide a very clean cutting end face.Because the process is non-contact, it does not cause tool wear and does not apply mechanical forces directly on the parts, thus preventing material deformation or workpiece contamination.



Industrial laser cutting machines have cheaper components, such as nozzles and lenses, which make their maintenance costs lower.


Shorten delivery time:

An industrial laser cutter can cut almost any size, type and shape of material, so the delivery time is very short, which is difficult for traditional cutting machines.


Compared with traditional cutting machines, high-precision laser cutting machines are faster and more efficient.


Laser cutting guides the output of the high-power laser through the optical system, and the whole production process is controlled by computer numerical control.Based on the technology and functions of laser cutting machines, of which there are many types, we mainly discuss optical fiber lasers, which are solid-state lasers that are developing rapidly in the metal cutting industry.


The laser beam is produced by a seed laser and then amplified within the glass fiber.The optical fiber laser provides a wavelength of 1.064 microns.Due to this wavelength, it can produce very small spot size, and this characteristic of fiber laser makes it very suitable for cutting reflective metal materials, which makes fiber laser have an advantage over carbon dioxide.



1. Compared with other laser cutting machines, fiber laser has higher wall plug efficiency;

2. It has the advantage of maintenance-free operation;

3. Special features with easy "plug and play" design, very compact, therefore very easy to install;

4. High efficiency of light spot conversion.

5. Compared with other laser cutting machines, fiber laser has higher flexibility in beam transmission;

6. Can handle materials with high reflectivity;

7. Low use and maintenance costs.

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