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Working principle and application of laser cutting machine
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Laser cutting techniques include metal cutting, glass cutting and engraving

   A laser is a kind of light, like electroluminescence in nature, caused by the transformation of atoms.Although the laser is very light, it is distinctly different from ordinary light.Laser only in the original very short period of time depends on the spontaneous emission, the follow-up process is completely determined by the excitation radiation, so the color of the laser is very pure and almost no divergence of directivity, carving machine, luminous intensity is very high, the laser also has high coherence, high strength, high directivity, after producing laser, it is the mirror transmission and by collecting objects to be processed on the mirror, make the treated surface by strong heat and temperature has increased dramatically.Because of the high temperature, the point rapidly melts or evaporates, and the laser head trajectory is used for machining purposes.

1.Laser engraving
Mainly on the object surface, it is divided into bitmap carving and vector carving:


2. Bitmap carving

   We first suspend the graphics we want to sculpt and convert them to the monochrome BMP format in PHOTOSHOP, then open the graphics file in the dedicated laser engraving and cutting software.According to the materials we have processed, we can set the appropriate parameters, and then click "Run", the laser engraving machine will carry out the engraving according to the dot matrix effect produced by the graphic file.


3. Vector engraving

   Use vector software such as Coreldraw, AutoCad, Iluustrator, etc. to export the graphics to PLT, DXF, AI format and marking machine. Then use special laser cutting and engraving software to open the graphics file and transfer it to laser engraving machine for processing.Mainly used in advertising boards, double-color boards, plexiglass, processing color paper and other materials.


4. Separation of edges.

   In CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, pneumatic marking machine made in the form of vector line graphics, and then save it as corresponding PLT, DXF format, open the file with laser cutting machine operating software, according to the energy we can use and speed setting processing parameters such as material, after I receive my computer instructions, laser cutting machine will automatically according to the flight path of the software to generate cutting


   Laser machining for its precise, fast, simple operation, high degree of automation, has widely used in leather, textile and garment industry, compared with the traditional way of cutting, laser processing of the workpiece without mechanical stress, the effect of cutting products, precision and cutting speed are good, simple operation safety and maintenance and so on.

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