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What is the difference between laser marking/laser engraving equipment?
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Laser marking machine refers to a device that permanently marks the surface of various materials with laser beam.Laser engraving machine refers to the use of laser engraving of materials to be carved.Laser marking machine laser engraving machine common characteristics are the use of laser processing, they all belong to the advertising equipment.

What's the difference between the two devices?

1. Different work sizes.

The working area of the laser marking machine is not very large, which is as big as the ordinary desk.

   Part of the small power laser engraving machine processing size is not large, but some of the high power laser engraving machine is mainly used to cut metal, processing size is large, at least a bed size.


2. Speed difference.

   Laser marking machine speed than laser engraving machine much faster, like mineral water manufacturers, 1 minute to go on the assembly line are about 100 meters.


3. Different depths.

Laser engraving machine can be carved in large stroke size, also can cut, depth far beyond the laser marking machine.


4. Different lasers.

   Optical path system of laser engraving machine is composed of three mirrors and a focusing mirror. The laser is usually a carbon dioxide glass tube.The lifetime of glass tube laser is generally within 2000-10000 hours.Carbon dioxide glass tube lasers are disposable.Laser marking machine lasers are generally metal tube laser (non-metal marking machine) and YAG solid laser (metal laser marking machine), the general life of more than five years.The metal tube of the laser marking machine can be inflated again.


What is the difference between the two devices in use?

Application of laser marking machine:

(1) All kinds of metal: electronic hardware accessories industry mark.Hardware accessories, electronic components, will use laser marking machine for marking.For automobiles, ships, machinery, equipment and other materials with more friction, the use of laser marking can achieve wear resistance, to help the marking of the industry.


(2) IT industry, communication industry, machine manufacturing industry, food and medicine, medical equipment, watch and watch glasses, arts and crafts gifts, precious metal jewelry, leather clothing, packaging and printing kitchen utensils, precision hardware, jewelry, electrical appliances, instrumentation and other metal processing industries.


(3) Polymer materials, electronic components, wire speed limit, reflective film, plastic keys, sapphire, glass, ceramic tile, aluminum plate, signage and other metallic non-metallic materials, etc


(4) Marking can be realized in non-metallic processing industries such as clothing, leather, craft gifts, packaging, advertising, wood, textile, plastic, signage, electronic communication, clocks and watches, glasses, printing, decoration, etc.Wood products, cloth, leather, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated resin and other non-metallic materials processing have good results.


(5) Application in food industry: patterns, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, etc., with the advantages of no consumables, more precise and clear printing effect, higher resolution, low failure rate, clean and pollution-free.


(6) Direct packaging industry.Laser marking machine is also a laser code spraying machine, which is used to mark and identify food and beverage packaging, wine bottle caps, cigarette packs, medicine boxes/bottles...No matter what the material is, it needs to be marked by laser marking machine, that is, the production date, batch number, two-dimensional code and so on

Application of laser engraving machine:

(1) Plaques, signs, signboards changing with each passing day the construction of urban public facilities, street renovation, modern residential areas, hotels, office buildings


(2) Building model, mechanical model, vehicle model and ship model


(3) There are more and more arts and crafts, gifts, souvenirs meeting, MEDALS, certificates, and souvenirs in the tourism activities and advertising propaganda materials, pens, leather goods, tableware, lighters, watches, and bottle opener, key chain, cup, award tray, imitated crystal furnishing articles, golf clubs, shotguns, ring, bookmarks, cartridges, hang fall, picture frame, silver items such as sculpture.

(4) Engraving machine can be convenient and quick for gypsum ceiling and ceramic tiles, floor tiles and other architectural decorative materials to produce a large number of exquisite mold.

(5) Organic glass craftwork, organic glass processing and glass is one of the most ideal raw material, whether in the engraving machine "cut", "milling", "eagle", "time", "diamond" which kind of machining method of five process, organic glass has excellent workability, and organic glass has been test instrument, models, POP advertising furnishing articles, small decorations, lamps and lanterns of art, craft gifts, souvenirs and so on ideal material.

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