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What is the difference between different engraving machines
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In the advertising and woodworking industry, the most widely used equipment is mechanical engraving machine and laser engraving machine, many people for the difference between the two kinds of equipment is difficult to accurately distinguish.If you don't understand the differences between them, you can't accurately use them to produce.


Computer engraving machine

Mechanical engraving machine and laser engraving machine and the most important difference lies in the way of engraving and forming, laser engraving machine USES laser light source as engraving energy to carry out engraving.And mechanical engraving machine engraving is the use of metal cutting tools to engraving, the kind of cutting tools, specifications are very high requirements.


 The main differences between mechanical engraving machine and laser engraving machine are as follows:

1, in the engraving precision, laser engraving is higher than the tool engraving precision, because the laser engraving light source diameter is very small, and the tool engraving itself has a certain knife width, so in the precision in addition to the quality of the machine itself also contains the precision of the tool.

Laser engraving machine

2, in the choice of engraving material, laser engraving on metal material is difficult to achieve a depth of engraving, or may only be the coating on the metal surface engraving.And the cutter engraving machine can achieve a certain depth of engraving, or even cutting.




3, laser engraving non-contact processing objects, for plane engraving does not need to fix the workpiece.And tool engraving because it is contact engraving, so the workpiece is required to be fixed.

Laser cutting machine

4, laser engraving laser tube has a certain life time limit, and mechanical tool engraving does not exist time limit, but there will be the wear of the tool, in the case of serious wear is necessary to replace the tool.



5, in plastic engraving processing, laser engraving may produce toxic gas, need a specific air purification system to discharge waste gas into the air, and the cutting tool engraving machine will not produce pollution to the air.



6, laser engraving in the ability of carving photos is very good, you can directly put JPG format photos for engraving, and knife engraving can not do this.



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