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What is a Oscillating Knife and what can it do?
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high speed motor, high frequency vibration to make the tool up and down reciprocating cutting.

Main features and functions:

1, 2 replaceable tool heads, integral head frame, convenient to change the tool.

2, 4-axis high-speed motion controller, modular installation, easy maintenance (X/Y/Z/ rotating seat).

3, the cutting depth can be adjusted.Parameter setting is simple, different materials, as long as the set knife thickness and speed can be processed.

4. It can easily expand and upgrade the functions of the equipment and load new modules (brush/punch/press wheel).

5, vibration knife cutting function: can cut different materials (corrugated paper, cardboard, plastic board gray board color, composite paper, gasket, leather and cloth, etc.).

6 pressure folding line function: can press the perfect folding line in corrugated, cardboard, plastic board and other materials.

7. Dashed line cutting function: used for folding and dotted line cutting after half cutting of corrugated and cardboard.

8, positioning function: using laser light accurate positioning.

9, drawing function: can draw a variety of high-precision patterns.


Can cut leather, PU, PVC, Oxford cloth, corrugated paper, KT board, leather, silk coil, composite material, sponge cloth, microfiber, seat cover, sofa cover, leather leather clothing fabric, Sheffer board, thick foam, gray board, cardboard, car sticker, self-adhesive and so on

Standard configuration:

# Working area: 1600*2500mm

Vibration cutter cutting head (Z axis + rotating seat + high-speed vibration motor)

Control system TC-6828 control board card (English and Chinese)

Z axis & rotation axis lead screw drive, guide rail square rail

#ZY axis rack drive, Y axis double drive, X axis Japan Fuji 750W servo motor, Y axis 400W *2, Z axis 100W & 100W rotation axis, square rail

Aero aluminum vacuum table + felt

# Machine voltage is 220V, vacuum pump voltage is 380V (7.5KW / 9.0KW, machine power is 3KW)

# Welded steel tube bed (wall thickness 5mm)

# Two-side safety induction area (light switch, infrared induction, square rail can be moved, the machine will stop working when the goods touch into the induction area)

The maximum cutting speed can be up to 1.5m/s, which is generally set at the factory as 1m/s. The cutting thickness is generally within 2cm, and the maximum is 5cm.


# Marker # Automatic feeding

# punch # press wheel



# Vibration knife:

it is a straight knife (16 ° Angle /26 ° Angle /45 ° Angle). It is similar to cutting things with a blade in flat time. The blade rotates with the change of Angle.


It is mainly used for cutting thick materials, such as KT board, car mat, floor mat, leather and so on. The general cutting thickness is 1.5-2cm (the smaller the degree of the knife, the greater the cutting thickness).


# Round knife: blade rotation cutting


Mainly used for soft thin material, cloth, soft leather.Thickness less than 1cm, cloth, generally not multi-layer cutting


# Press wheel: mainly used for carton indentation.

The vibrating knife is responsible for cutting the edge, and the pressing wheel presses out the traces of the folded part of the carton, which is convenient for later molding

# Milling cutter:

rotary cutter, which is also a common engraving machine, is mainly used for cutting things.

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