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What are the differences between the three common laser machines in processing and cost ma
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Optical fiber laser cutting machine /Co2 laser cutting machine

1. From the perspective of processing

   On the one hand, THE CO2 laser cutting machine has a wide cutting range, and can cut thick metal plate, aluminum plate and other materials with strong reflectivity.For non-metallic materials such as acrylic, wood, PVC and other materials, CO2 laser cutting machine cutting thickness up to 60mm.The CO2 laser cutting machine adopts continuous laser, the cutting surface is smooth and the cutting quality is good.


   On the other hand, although CO2 laser cutting machine is relatively thin, it is very slow for the processing of thick plate.In sheet metal processing, the cutting speed of optical fiber laser cutting machine with the same power is 2-3 times higher than CO2, and the cutting section is smooth.Moreover, the beam is not suitable for large-scale processing due to its large divergence.


2. From a cost perspective

   In the process of using CO2 laser cutting machine, the cost of processing and maintenance is relatively high, not only the front mirror tail mirror is expensive, but also the life of turbine bearing is only 8,000 hours, and the replacement cost of each pair reaches 80,000 yuan.At the same time, CO2 laser cutting machine will produce gas consumption, and photoelectric conversion rate is only 8-10%.Optical fiber laser cutting machine is consumable, photoelectric conversion rate can reach 30%, more energy saving.


3. From a maintenance perspective

   LASER structure of CO2 laser cutting machine is complex, the maintenance is inconvenient, and the operation requirement is high, while the fiber laser cutting machine is easy to maintain, it can adapt to the harsh working environment, and has high tolerance to dust, impact, impact, humidity and temperature.

Fiber laser cutting machine /YAG laser cutting machine

1. From the perspective of processing

   YAG laser cutting machine has low procurement cost and can cut high reflective materials, such as aluminum, copper and other optical fiber laser cutting machine can not cut non-ferrous metal materials.YAG laser cutting machine is almost the same type of low power laser cutting machine, can only cut less than 8mm sheet material.Moreover, compared with optical fiber laser cutting machine, its cutting efficiency is far lower than that of optical fiber, and the efficiency is relatively low.Fiber laser technology can achieve very high power in very small packages, so it takes up less space and saves space.


2. From a cost perspective

   YAG laser is a laser that has been developed for decades, and the technology is mature, so the YAG laser cutter is relatively cheap.But with the popularization of fiber laser, this advantage is getting weaker and weaker.In addition, YAG laser cutting machine processing power consumption


3. From a maintenance perspective

   Because there is no optical lens in the resonator of fiber laser, it has the advantages of non-regulation, non-maintenance and high stability, so the maintenance and replacement of equipment is relatively simple.This is the traditional YAG laser can not be compared.


   In general, the advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machines are obvious.However, each of the three laser cutting machines has its own characteristics.In practical application, reasonable choices should be made according to their own cutting requirements and budget.

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