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What are the advantages of laser cutting machine compared with traditional cutting machine?
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As a green technology, laser cutting machine is widely used because laser cutting machine has common outstanding advantages and leading processing technology. When cutting materials, it not only has high power but also good cutting effect, which is impossible for traditional cutting machines comparative advantage.
The laser cutting machine not only improves the production efficiency and the quality of the cut parts, but also saves the processing cost to a certain extent and overcomes the waste of materials in the original cutting processing method. Compared with traditional cutting machines, what are the advantages of laser cutting machines?
The main advantages include:
Higher cutting precision and accuracy, higher quality edges, narrower cut width, smaller heat affected zone, less material deformation, reduced material pollution and waste, lower maintenance and repair costs, and higher operator safety .
Compared with traditional cutting machines, laser cutting machines can cut and respond to various designs with higher precision and precision. Because the laser cutting machine can be completely controlled by CNC. It can produce complex parts with high tolerances repeatedly and consistently. Laser cutting can also produce high-quality cuts and edges, usually without further cleaning, processing or finishing, thereby reducing the need for secondary processing.
The low heat input of the laser cutting machine minimizes the heated area, thereby reducing the degree of thermal deformation. The non-contact nature of the laser cutting process also reduces the risk of mechanical deformation. Especially for flexible or thin materials, and to reduce the risk of material contamination. Due to tighter tolerances, narrower cut widths, smaller heat-affected zones and smaller material deformations. We can arrange the laser cut parts more closely on the material. This compact design reduces the amount of material wasted, thereby reducing material costs over time.
The laser cutting machine can perform a variety of operations and applications without the need to purchase or replace separate, custom-designed tools; this feature of laser cutting not only reduces the total cost of equipment, but also reduces the delivery time between different processes and applications . In addition, because laser cutting is a non-contact process, compared with components in contact cutting processes such as mechanical cutting or rotary die-cutting, laser components have lower fatigue and have a longer service life. Coupled with the relatively cheap replacement of laser components, the durability of laser components further reduces the overall cost of the equipment.

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