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Understanding of advertising engraving machine control system
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The engraving machine control system is a special computer system that performs part or all of the digital control functions according to the control program stored in the memory, and is equipped with an interface circuit and a servo drive device, which is used to control the automatic processing equipment. Like our commonly used advertising engraving machines, there are AKG6090 and AKG6012. Today we understand the common problems and solutions of the advertising engraving machine control system.
The origin of advertising engraving machine is divided into workpiece origin and mechanical origin.
1. Workpiece origin of advertising engraving machine: Workpiece origin refers to the origin of workpiece coordinates, which is the origin determined for workpiece size programming. The workpiece origin can be selected by the programmer, and is generally the starting point for workpiece processing.
2. Mechanical origin of advertising engraving machine: advertising engraving machine is a mechanical unit controlled by a numerical control system. The system itself only knows that the current position is relative to the previous position. A reference point needs to be selected so that any position on the machine tool has a fixed coordinate. As a parameter, this reference point is the mechanical origin.
Why is the Z-axis origin of the advertising engraving machine misaligned?
1. The limit is broken.
2. The limit is loose.
3. Limit alarm.
What should I do if the above situation occurs?
1. First check whether the limit position can be used. If the general mechanical and metal sensor cannot be used, please find the manufacturer to repair and replace it.
2. Check if the limit is loose, the limit is not triggered yet when the screw or rack ends.
3. The last one is to see if the limit alarm was triggered directly after returning to the machine origin. If this is the case, you need to follow the steps below:
(1) If it is beyond the engraving range, it is necessary to set the soft limit in the parameters of the advertising engraving machine engraving software.
(2) When using the advertising engraving machine, try to design a reasonable advertising engraving machine range, set the corresponding software parameters, and check whether the limit switch is flexible, etc. from time to time.
The above points are about the common problems and solutions of the advertising engraving machine control system. If you encounter other problems while using the engraving machine, you can leave us a message for consultation, and our technicians will reply to you in time. Hope it can be helpful to you.

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