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The basis configuration of acctek cnc router machine
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The main axis of  Acctek cnc router machine configuration is:
Water cooling spindle:Its brand name is Changsheng,Speed up to 24000rpm,The power is 1.5KW, 2.2KW, 3.2KW, 4.5KW and 5.5KW respectively
Air-cooled spindle: brand is HQD (HanQi), Italy HSD, speed up to 18000pm, power is divided into: 1.5KW, 2.2KW, 3.5KW, 4.5KW, 6.0KW, 12.0KW
The working principle of the water-cooled spindle: it is circulating in the inner spindle cooling, water will not spray out, so it will not wet the material. The connection diagram of the water-cooled spindle and the water pump is as 
follows.(The water pump can also be changed into a water chiller for better cooling effect)
Which is better, water - cooled spindle or air - cooled spindle?
Water-cooled spindle cooling effect is good, low noise, cheap, hot areas, the need to process metal stone and other work is very suitable.
There is a small fan on the air-cooled spindle to dissipate heat, no coolant, not easy to rust, suitable for cold areas

Control system
Mach3 can be divided into wired handle and wireless handle (which can be controlled 40 meters, empty area) :
Suitable for ordinary 3-axis engraving machine, engraving machine with rotary axis, suitable for multi-process, suitable for row knife, suitable for small 5-axis rotary axis (6-axis version).
Disc cutter, vent drill not supported.
You need to connect to a computer, desktop or laptop.
Mach3 ports are USB and Ethernet.Mach 3 can be equipped with auxiliary wired/wireless handwheel, fine distance use, can not control the operation of the machine.

learn more about the gamepad system

Motors and actuators(Different acctek cnc router machine configuration of the drive is not the same)
Stepper motor D311, 450A, 450B, 450C. 
Drive Leadshine Reiser Step or Yako.
Hybrid servo Leadshine Reiser HBS758/H2-758, large machine HBS2206 model.
Servo motor: Taiwan Delta (Delta) brands, Japan Yaskawa.

Leadshine Reiser M542(Model DM542), M860 (Model DMA860H).
AKO research control, models 2608 and 2D811.


It is divided into grinding screw and ball screw. All the ball screws used in our machine are C7.Can be changed to C3, C5 and so on according to customer requirements, price is another inquiry)


It is divided into square and circular rails.The square rail has higher accuracy, good load-bearing capacity and can be filled with oil.At present we only use square rails, not round rails.

Commonly used brands: Taiwan HIWIN (Shanghai Silver), PMI(Yintai), T-WIN (Taiwen), Japan THK.

Commonly used diameter 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and so on.

Gear and rack

It is divided into straight teeth and helical teeth. All helical teeth are used by our machine with high occlusion and precision.

The vacuum cleaner

Matching: dust bag + dust pipe + dust cover, in which the dust cover on the row knife can be automatically up and down, there is a cylinder, the need for air compressor

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump: divided into water pump, air pump, no oil pump

Air pump is recommended or no pump is optional for customers

Table top classification:
T-slot, pure empty table, suction and clampable T-slot + vacuum table (usually divided into 2 zones, 4 zones, 6 zones, or even 8 zones, according to customer requirements), and cast iron table.

Vacuum valve: standard ball valve.Solenoid valve can be selected (price is another inquiry), solenoid valve control, the body without control valve.

Cutter holder, handle and cutting tool

Only the tool changing machine can use the tool handle and handle, other ordinary machines only use the tool holder, not the handle.The machine is standard equipped with 4 tool clips, diameter: 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm, (7,10 or 12.7mm).

Shank: ISO and BT shanks

The inverter

Commonly used brands are Shanghai Fuling (Fuling) and Taiwan Delta (Delta), frequency converter function is used to adjust spindle speed.Select the power of the frequency converter according to the power of the spindle. The power of the frequency converter is usually greater than or equal to the power of the spindle. The greater the power, the greater the size of the frequency converter.

Change the knife:

The tool changing machine needs the assistance of air compressor to change the tool.There are two kinds: disc and straight line.

Straight row knives need to be reset once after each replacement of the handle, and then they can work. The disc does not need it, and the disc tool replacement has a higher efficiency.

Oiling system: 
it can be divided into manual and automatic. The manual one needs to press the handle several times to realize lubrication, and the automatic one can set the lubrication period without manual pressing.

Function: lubricate the guide rail and slider through the oil pipeline to ensure the normal operation of the machine, reduce rust and ensure normal transmission.

Limit switch: divided into soft limit (induction limit), hard limit and mechanical limit.

Function: prevent each axis of the machine from running out of the working range, limit its working distance, ensure the normal operation of the machine.

About the voltage

All machines can use 220V or 380V three-phase electricity.The voltage value is allowed to fluctuate up or down by 10%. For example, the customer voltage is 400V, and the machine is 380V.


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