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Removal and installation of vibrating mirror of laser marking machine
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 Improper use or long use of laser marking machine, equipment may appear marking abnormal or not bright and other problems.In most cases, there is a problem with the galvanometer of the marking machine, which requires us to remove the galvanometer and send it for inspection, repair or replacement.The removal and installation method of the galvanometer of the marking machine is as follows:

Disassembly method of galvanometer:

1. In the state of power failure, cut off the incoming power line connector of the marking head.If you do not have such a connector, you can take the next step.


2. In the operation of removing the next image, objects such as fingers are not allowed to collide with the scene image, especially the lens.(note)


3. Unscrew the marking head and operate carefully. The removed shell plate is connected with the drive plate of the galvanizing machine to prevent excessive operation.

4. Pull out the power cord, signal cord and motor to the drive plate cord.


5. Remove the drive plate, Y motor and X motor and pack them carefully.


Installation method of galvanometer for marking machine:

1. First install Y motor and X motor to ensure that they will not collide at any Angle.


2. Install two drive plates.


3. After connecting all the wires, test and adjust the Angle and depth of the galvanometer motor to ensure that the final laser output center is the center of the field mirror.


4. Clean the wire, arrange the length of the wire, etc., and then box all the caps of the head.


5. Connect the external connection and restart the machine.

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