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Precautions for daily maintenance of laser cutting machine and reasons for slow cutting sp
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 Is the advantage of optical fiber laser cutting machine in daily production to improve work efficiency, improve product quality, improve economic efficiency, enhance market competition strength, and as the growth of the optical fiber laser cutting machine use time, cutting speed slow, cutting quality, these two problems are often plagued by many users, let's take a look at how to improve this defect!

  Cause slow to laser cutting and cutting quality, there are two reasons for the variation in the operating process requirements are not being met, and that in the use of laser cutting machine is basically in a few years later, the user does not exist, so the question is mainly concentrated in the second point, is the optical fiber optical fiber laser cutting machine laser output power attenuation.


  The power of fiber laser has a life limit. As time goes by, some laser accessories inside the laser will appear aging phenomenon, resulting in power attenuation phenomenon, resulting in slow cutting speed and poor cutting quality.This time needs the user to contact the laser cutting machine manufacturer in a timely manner, the laser will be returned to the manufacturer for maintenance and replacement of relevant laser accessories, so that the output power of the optical fiber laser to reach the initial level.

So how can it be improved?

 1. The whole optical path system of fiber laser is divided into external optical path system and internal optical path system. The internal optical path system is sealed without user maintenance, and what the user needs to do is to maintain the external optical path.Power attenuation is inevitable when using optical fiber laser cutting machine for a long time. What we should do well is to delay its power attenuation, and even after the power attenuation, ensure the normal operation of the equipment and guarantee the product quality.


2. Pay attention to the impact of environmental factors. Lens pollution caused by a bad environment will also attenuate the power of optical fiber laser cutting machine, so dust and smoke should be avoided in the processing site.The auxiliary gas used shall ensure the quality of compressed gas as far as possible, and the water of cold water facilities shall avoid pollution, etc.

 Of course, when there are problems with the fiber laser itself, it is necessary to contact the laser cutting machine manufacturer in time, repair the laser back to the factory, replace the laser accessories.


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