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Oscillating knife cutting machine used for carton making
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Yesterday was one of the most important festivals in China-Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a day when families get together. Every Mid-Autumn Festival has activities to eat moon cakes and enjoy the moon. Moon cakes have also been given a beautiful meaning of reunion. In order to meet people's aesthetic needs, moon cakes are not only the pursuit of deliciousness, but the packaging is also being made more and more exquisite. So how are so many carton packages efficiently produced?
The oscillating knife equipment produced by ACCTEK can be professionally used for carton making. First, use the pressure roller to press out the traces of the carton that needs to be folded to facilitate the formation of the later carton.  And then use a vibrating knife to cut the cardboard to obtain the outline of the carton. This post introduces you to the oscillating knife equipment used for carton making. If your factory is engaged in outer packaging production, then this machine is very suitable for you.
Oscillating knife cutting machine

Oscillating knife cutting machine feature

1. Pressure roller (pressing wheel)
Use the pressing wheel to press out the traces of the carton that needs to be folded to facilitate the folding and forming of the carton in the later stage.
2. Oscillating knife tools
Use a oscillating knife to cut the edges of the carton, and the finished product will have smooth edges and accurate cut pieces. The oscillating knife can cut materials of different materials, including corrugated paper, cardboard, composite paper, gaskets, leather and cloth.
Multi-functional oscillating knife cutting machine that can be quickly changed to adapt to different materials. It integrates the processing of tools such as vibrating cutters, round cutters, milling cutters, and pressing wheels. The high oscillating frequency makes it possible to cut at high processing speeds for greater throughput.
3. Adopted famous RuiDa RDD6584G touch screen control system supports both USB and Ethernet connection, has a knife cutting controller with tool direction following control function. The ultra-high frequency vibration knife cutting technology eliminates the irregularities of manual cutting, and the limitation of the accuracy of the punching machine.
4. Equipped with Taiwan PMI Linear square guide rail with ball bearing slide block which ensure high weight capacity,  high precision, smooth and steady running. Adopt Helical gears pinion and rack transmission for X and Y axis, higher running speed and efficiency, and more durable.
5. Whole cast aluminum vacuum table, ensuring the machine stablity. Equipped with 9.0KW air vacuum pump, high adsorption ability.
6. Taiwan Delta servo motor and driver for XYZ-axis, ensuring the processing speed & precision.
7. It also integrates feeding, circular punching, and V-shaped special punching. Punching hole tool, marker pen holder, red light positioning and a series of functions.
vibrating knife cutting machine

Advantages of vibrating knife cutting machine

1. The platform detection device regulates the knife pressure automatically, enabling a level platform and perfect cutting. The cutting efficiency is high, which greatly saves costs.
2. Convenient output, high-speed cutting, rapid prototyping, intelligent typesetting, saving materials.
3. Smooth operation, fine and smooth incision, powerful function, can effectively so e various problems such as proofing.
4. The anti-collision and the built-in auto-sensing devices ensure the security of the oscillating knife cutter.
5. High efficiency can be realized without making a high-cost knife model.
vibrating knife cutting machine
The oscillating knife cutting machine is widely used in cutting all kinds of paper materials, including corrugated paper, kraft paper, honeycomb paper, KT board, etc. After the cardboard is cut, a dotted line is directly pressed on the cardboard to facilitate the subsequent folding of the packaging box. If you need a carton cutting machine, you can consult at any time. Our professionals will recommend suitable vibration knife cutting equipment for you.

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