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Optional accessories for laser machines
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When using a Laser machine, when the material to be engraved is too thick or cylindrical objects need to be engraved, what kind of accessories can we choose to assist the work? Today we will take a look at the optional configurations of the laser machine.
Some customers use a laser machine for engraving, the material thickness is relatively large, but because the laser head is always on the same plane when engraving, it cannot move up and down. In this situation, we should add a lifting platform to the laser machine. The lifting platform is installed under the operating table, and two small motors work synchronously, driven by a large driver, which can ensure that the height of the table is always the same during the lifting process, and avoid the table from tilting. Generally, when the thickness of the material exceeds 23MM, it is best to consider adding a lifting table, which will be more helpful for the laser machine to work.
If you need to engrave or cut cylindrical materials during your work, such as engraving patterns on the surface of a wine bottle, then you need to select a rotation axis for the laser machine in this case. Rotating shafts are divided into chuck type and roller type. The roller type can be equipped with multiple rotating shafts and can engrave multiple cylindrical materials at the same time. It is suitable for mass production and processing and can provide work efficiency. It should be noted that if you add a rotating shaft to the machine, you must add a lifting table at the same time. Because the rotating shaft is placed on the table for work, it has a relatively high height, and it can be used normally after adding a lifting platform.
If you are at work, you need both machines for engraving and machines for cutting. Then it is best to choose a multi-head laser machine. The high-power laser head is used for cutting, and the low-power laser head is used for engraving. For example, if you want an ordinary machine W8 to cut 20mm acrylic, and you want to use a machine to carve wood, you can add a small power 60W/80W. If engraving with high power for a long time, it is easy to damage the laser tube and reduce its life. Moreover, the high-power light spot is thicker, and the engraving effect is not good; the low-power light spot is finer, and the engraving effect is finer.
The above is the relevant introduction about the optional accessories of the laser machine. If you have other needs, you can leave us a message. Our staff will recommend suitable models and configurations for you according to your needs. Hope it will help you.

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