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Metal gantry and cast advantages of bed
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Advantage of cast iron bed

Cast iron bed can be machined to higher precision

   Due to its mechanical properties, it is easier to process to a higher accuracy level, thus improving the overall quality of the machine tool.


Cast iron bed has better earthquake resistance

   Due to its material characteristics, the casting bed is much heavier than the welding bed. The heavier the theoretical bed is, the less the machine vibration will be and the less the influence on the cutting quality will be. As a result, the sensitivity of cast iron bed to vibration is extremely low, thus reducing the influence of other reasons on the machine tool and improving its cutting accuracy.

Cast iron bed has better stability

   Welding parts in the process of welding stress is very large, if not timely to eliminate the internal stress treatment, the component will produce cracking or deformation of the consequences, welding stress generally will not be completely cleared.In the casting process, the casting stress of cast bed is relatively small according to the casting process flow, and the internal stress level of cast iron is much higher than that of welded parts.Cast iron because of its material performance cast iron bed strength, stiffness are very high, plastic deformation is small, not easy to produce deformation.Thus, the machine can run for a longer time and the accuracy will not be reduced due to the deformation of the bed. The precision guarantee time of the welded bed is about 5-7 years, while that of the casting bed is about 15-20 years.  


Cast iron bed has lower thermal sensitivity

   High carbon content of cast iron makes it less susceptible to heat deformation.As a kind of thermal processing, laser cutting produces more heat.The low thermal sensitivity of cast iron bed makes it not easy to affect the accuracy of machine tool due to thermal deformation.


Notch sensitivity of cast iron bed is lower

   Due to the bed in transportation processing and other links, there will be inevitable unexpected gaps.The steel will fatigue damage at the break, which may affect the overall performance of the machine tool, while the cast iron bed due to the material characteristics, will not have any change due to the notch, so as to further improve the comprehensive stability of the machine tool.

Advantages of metal gantry

Highly automated

   Optical fiber laser cutting machine adopts digital control, while the workpiece for machining, only need to use CAD to the parts to be processed is made, the import to specialized software of laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine can be described according to the CAD pattern cutting out the artifacts that you need, moreover both intelligent typesetting function of laser cutting, and can save raw material costs to the greatest extent.

High precision

   Laser has the characteristics of directional luminescence, high energy density, and with the screw or pinion rack transmission device accuracy up to 0.01mm, in addition, the edge of laser cutting metal will be relatively smooth, no burrs, compared with flame or plasma cutting machine to avoid the second step of burr removal.

Speed is fast

  Wavelength of optical fiber laser is 1070nm, 1/10 of the wavelength of CO2 laser, which is conducive to being absorbed by metal materials, making it have faster cutting speed in cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, pure aluminum, brass and other high reflective materials than the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine.

Cutting of curved plates.

   Optical fiber laser is transmitted by high-density optical fiber, and the optical fiber laser cutter can cut the workpiece. Its flexibility makes the laser easily qualified for various multi-angle and multi-directional arbitrary space cutting, which makes the design of the mechanical system very simple.In the advertising industry, such as cutting artistic characters or billboards, this is very advantageous.

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