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Laser whole board cutting technology and advantages
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Whole board cutting process

    Try a knife generally choose a round side for cutting, strict requirements on the size of the elements is generally not do, but need to determine the actual size after cutting the size of the deviation, in order to compensate the size when mass production, the main purpose is to check whether can normal cutting parameters, cutting section, cutting size is unqualified, we suggest try knife graphics for the knife.

Advantages of laser whole board cutting

1) During the cutting process, there is no need for staff supervision. After the cutting is completed, the machine will automatically send a signal to remind staff to replace the plate, thus saving human and material costs.


2) During tool testing, the machine will automatically compensate the dimension deviation to the graph of batch production, so as to complete the processing process of batch plate more intelligently.


3) According to the thickness, processing format and processing complexity of the plate, there are strict size requirements and stable parameters before batch production, and the workpiece is of high quality and strong practicality, so as to achieve rapid, stable and high-quality processing effect.


4) During mass production, setting micro-connection on the cutting workpiece can effectively avoid the warping of the workpiece due to the thermal deformation of the plate in the whole board cutting process, avoid parts turning over, collision, cutting dislocation and other situations, so as to improve the smoothness of the whole board cutting.

    Laser plate cutting technology solves the problem of plate waste in batch plate processing very well. It is suitable for batch scale automatic production, optimizes the whole production process, and greatly improves the production efficiency of laser plate processing.


    With the continuous innovation and application of laser cutting technology, breakthroughs have been made in such problems as slow perforation, slow cutting speed, difficult cutting thick plate, poor cutting section quality, deviation of cutting parameters, easy thermal deformation of plates, and unstable production of whole plate, etc., to achieve long-term efficient and stable operation of equipment and help to increase efficiency and increment in processing.


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