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Importance of the selection of auxiliary gases
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Necessity of auxiliary gases
   In addition to blowing away the slag in the coaxial slit, auxiliary gas can also cool the surface of the processed object, reduce the heat affected area, cool the focusing lens and prevent the dust from entering into the lens seat and contaminating the lens and causing the lens to overheat.The selection of gas pressure and type has a great influence on the cutting process, and the selection of auxiliary gas type will have a certain influence on the cutting performance, including cutting speed and cutting thickness.

Selection of auxiliary gases

   Air can be supplied directly by the air compressor, so it is very cheap compared with other gases.Although air contains about 20% oxygen, its cutting efficiency is far less than that of oxygen, and its cutting ability is similar to nitrogen.Trace oxide film may appear on the cutting surface, but it can be used as a measure to prevent the film from falling off.The end face of the cut is yellow.

   Main applicable materials are aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless copper, brass, electroplate steel, nonmetal and so on.



   Oxygen will form oxide film on the cutting surface when some metals are cut, and nitrogen can be used to prevent oxidation film from occurring in the no-oxidation cutting.No oxidation cutting surface can be directly welded, daubed, strong corrosion resistance and other characteristics.The end face of the cut is white.

  Main applicable plates are stainless steel, electroplated steel, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy and so on.



   Mainly used for laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel.While using the heat of oxygen reaction to greatly improve the cutting efficiency, the oxide film produced will improve the spectral absorption factor of the reflected material.The end face of the cut is black or dull yellow.

    It is mainly used for rolling steel, rolled steel for welding structure, carbon steel for mechanical structure, high tension plate, tool plate, stainless steel, electroplated steel, copper, copper alloy, etc.


Argon gas

   Argon is an inert gas used in laser cutting to prevent oxidation and nitrification, and is also used in welding. Compared with other processing gases, the price of japonica rice increases the cost correspondingly.The end face of the cut is white.

   Main applicable materials are titanium, titanium alloy and so on.

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