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How to guarantee the cutting quality of laser cutting machine?How to maintain it when you
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  When you buy a laser cutting machine, you should always judge the cutting quality according to the situation, then from what aspects should you pay attention to the cutting quality?

1) Thickness of metal materials

    The output power is above 500W, 1000W and 2000W at medium and low power.Optical fiber laser cutting machine with power less than 1000W is suitable for cutting carbon steel with thickness less than 10mm and stainless steel with thickness less than 5mm.These two kinds of products have very good cutting quality and fast cutting speed under the corresponding material thickness, which can guarantee the working efficiency and cost saving condition of laser cutting.When these two materials exceed the applicable cutting thickness, their cutting speed will be slowed down, cutting quality will become poor, thick material cannot be cut.


2) Cutting speed
   No matter the laser cutting speed is too fast or too slow, high quality cutting quality cannot be obtained.Therefore, we should not only consider the improvement of work efficiency and the acceleration of cutting speed, or think that slow cutting can get good cutting quality.Only by selecting the appropriate cutting speed can we obtain the excellent cutting quality.


3) Laser output power

   The higher the output power of optical fiber laser cutting machine, cutting material thickness, the wider the applicable scope of the corresponding cutting quality will be better, so in the early stage of the purchase process must be clear about their material thickness, type, etc., in order to avoid unable to reduce or do not get the required cutting quality.In addition, the higher the matching degree between laser cutting method and material, the better the cutting quality.


4) Surface roughness of the material

   Optical fiber laser cutting machine has a good flexible processing method, not limited by the shape of the workpiece, but because of the surface roughness limit, can not achieve perfect cutting effect.The smoother the material surface, the better the cutting quality.Therefore, the stability of the machine tool is also very important.It is necessary to ensure the working environment of laser cutting.


5) Laser cutting focus

   In order to achieve cutting, the focus position must be accurate.

In daily use and from what aspects should be maintained?

1. Clean the internal dust of the machine regularly

   Since the laser cutter evaporates directly on the cutting metal surface, the cutter and the internal surface often produce a lot of dust. We should always vacuum the dust to make sure the machine is spot-free. This will ensure that the parts between the internal parts can operate normally.

2.Parts should be lubricated frequently

   We need to lubricate rack, guide and many cutting machine parts from time to time to ensure the precise bite force of the gear.In this way, the mechanical operation will be in the normal operation of the track, cutting out the product is more accurate.

   In addition to the daily maintenance of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, we must purchase the optical fiber laser cutting machine when the parts of the strict inspection, fundamentally eliminate the damage of optical fiber laser cutting machine.At the same time, if any part is found damaged during the use of the machine, it must be replaced in time, which can not only protect the machine itself, but also ensure the ideal cutting effect of laser cutting machine.Only do the above two points, can extend the service life of this kind of cutting machine.


3. Always check the Angle of the tool

   Because in the whole fiber laser cutting machine, the most important part is the cutting machine, if the Angle of the cutting machine appears a certain deviation, then in the cutting process, it is easy to lead to the accuracy of the final cutting items is not so accurate.


4. Always keep the steel belt compact

   Steel strip in the operation of the laser cutting machine transmission played a very important role, this kind of steel strip material it belongs to the iron and steel, steel in the process of use, if not, could easily lead to be cut and the orbit of the excluded, and even the phenomenon of steel belt and slip may be produced, so the threat to the safety of the employees have a great, so no matter when and where, must keep the strip in a state of tension, so as to protect the safety of construction personnel.


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