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How to cut edge line accurately with optical fiber laser cutting machine
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How to cut the edge line of optical fiber laser cutting machine?This is a question worth thinking about, if you make a little mistake in cutting, it will cause irreparable consequences to the result of cutting.

  Fiber laser cutting machine program is no longer manual correction, but with the theoretical cutting edge exactly the same 3D processing program, directly used for cutting products.It can ensure that the cutting process is always consistent with the actual cutting state, there is no case that cannot be marked by two-dimensional lines.There is no manual intervention in the whole cutting process, which ensures that the products obtained in each processing are consistent with the mathematical model from the source, thus reducing the cutting edge that requires several times of exploration to only need 3 or 4 times to complete.


  Optical fiber laser cutting machine for metal processing, line cutting has a higher accuracy, and to cut thick plate, but its weakness is slow, sometimes need to use other methods and perforation, wear silk can be cut, and cutting size also is very limited, can laser cutting on the material punching, cutting, cutting speed, processing is much bigger than the cutting size range.Laser cutting is widely used in metal processing industry, with high speed and precision.The cutting of medium thin plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel and other metal plate has absolute advantages, which is also the reason that optical fiber laser cutting machine can not be replaced, I believe that with the increasing demand for laser cutting products, optical fiber laser cutting opportunities more popular.


  Optical fiber laser cutting machine and other cutting method is, there are many different cutting for some metal parts we can adopt method of punching and shearing process, high efficiency, high speed already so, but also low cost but need specific mould and cutting tools for cutting and only in the sheet for salt, shear processing, optical fiber laser cutting machine, laser cutting and the cutting method compared with good flexible, may at any time for any shape workpiece cutting processing and don't have to die a little.The punching - shear process is difficult or impossible to implement and is not widely used.Flame cutting is also one of the commonly used cutting technologies in the field of metal, the thickness range of cutting is also very large, but compared with laser cutting, cutting surface quality and accuracy is relatively poor, but can be large for thick plate and processing range than laser cutting, so for more fine or generally use optical fiber laser cutting machine.

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