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How to choose the right laser marking machine
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Laser marking machine can be divided into semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine according to the laser source. They have different marking effects for different marking materials.Generally speaking, semiconductor and optical fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking metal, plastic and other materials. CO2 laser is mainly aimed at non-metallic materials, such as acrylic, transparent plastic, ceramics, glass and so on.


So how to choose a suitable laser marking machine?That's what you need to know!

Marking laser source.See you want to process the workpiece is what kind of material, hardware, plastic, label paper and other materials with a longer wavelength optical fiber laser marking machine;Bamboo, cloth, ceramics, acrylic, * and other materials are marked with CO2 laser with short wavelength.If it is a film, fruit, eggs, cartons, reinforced glass and other heat-sensitive materials with a more moderate wavelength UV laser marking machine.

Of course, there is also not to say that a kind of material is only suitable for a kind of laser source, the same material can use a variety of laser source, which depends on the degree of precision of your processing requirements.


Power of marking machine.Laser power is sometimes the key to determine the speed and effect, generally speaking, like uv engraving paper, film, plastic, with a low power of 1.2W can be marked, but carving glass requires UV 3W, or even 5W power to be engraved.Again like playing hardware with optical fiber 20W can be, but if the pursuit of high efficiency and high speed, it needs 30W or higher power to achieve.


The main hardware structure of marking machine.The main hardware structure of laser marking machine, including laser, laser scanning galvanometer, focusing system, laser power supply and calculation notification system, you only need to choose according to your processing needs is imported or domestic, especially for high accuracy requirements, to make clear with the manufacturer.


And then there's the computer notification system and then there's the computer notification system, and there's a lot of different kinds of software that's used on the laser marking machine, some of it is conventional, some of it is self-developed, or you take the conventional software and you do a secondary development, and you decide what software to use, and you figure out if there's going to be a need for secondary development.


Price of marking machine.In fact, the price is more customer demand configuration and change, so here also just give some general reference price, general optical fiber laser marking machine (20W-50W) price 20,000-80,000 range;Carbon dioxide laser marking machine (10W-100W) price range from 30,000 to 180,000;Uv laser marking machine (1.2W-10W) price range from 60,000-260,000.


In addition, when laser equipment is in use, requirements such as precision, engraving effect, speed, coordination with automation and customized fixture should be proposed to the manufacturer in advance and confirmed in the process of sample testing and plan making, so as to avoid the purchase of marking machine that does not meet the user's requirements and affect user experience.Consider is the marking machine life, stability, portability, after - sales service.Like life and stability to see the heat do well, whether the brand is big enough;Portability depends on the appearance and model of the product.

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