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How to choose the CNC Router for their own needs
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First of all, you have to determine which materials your CNC Router is mainly used for, and choose targeted machines based on the main materials, such as woodworking cnc router,advertising cnc router, etc. Then, you have to judge the maximum size of the material you need to process, select the appropriate machine table according to the maximum size of the material, and ensure that the machine's processing table size is greater than the maximum processing material size.

After confirming the machine model, we will start to choose the machine configuration. The choice of machine configuration is also related to the processing material, such as the thickness of the material, the hardness of the material and other aspects. Here we first introduce a few main configuration options.

First of all, it is the choice of the spindle . There are two types of spindles: water-cooled spindle and air-cooled spindle. If you need to process materials with higher hardness such as metal and stone, we recommend that you choose a water-cooled spindle because it has a better cooling effect and is relatively cheap. Or if your factory is in an area with hot temperatures, the cooling effect of the water-cooled spindle is also better. The air-cooled spindle uses a fan to dissipate heat, does not require coolant, is not easy to rust, and is more suitable for cold areas.

Regarding the selection of the spindle power, it is necessary to confirm the processing material first. The higher the hardness of the processing material, the greater the spindle power that needs to be selected. Take our company's standard woodworking engraving machine as an example, AKM1325 can choose 3.5KW air-cooled spindle or 3W water-cooled spindle. If you need to process acrylic organic boards or two-color boards, you can choose a small advertising machine, such as AKG1212 , and you only need to choose a 1.5KW spindle. The greater the power of the spindle, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the price. Therefore, choosing the spindle that suits your engraving needs can also save part of the cost.

The commonly used systems of engraving machines are MACH3 and Weihong. MACH3 is more powerful and is generally used for circular track machines. The four-axis four-linkage we often say is realized by this system. Relatively speaking, there is no stability of Weihong, so Suitable for personal use. The Weihong system is more stable and the interface is more concise. If customers need the machine to work for a long time, they can choose to use the Weihong system.

Lead screws and guide rails are also an important part of the engraving machine. Good lead screws and guide rails guarantee the accuracy and performance of the engraving machine during long-term use. The guide rails are divided into circular rails and square rails. The circular rail has a higher bearing capacity, but the accuracy is average. If you need a general advertising machine, you can choose it. The square rail can withstand high load pressure in four directions, has high positioning accuracy, low friction coefficient, and can maintain walking accuracy for a long time. Its load capacity and accuracy retention capacity are more than 30 times that of a circular rail , and an automatic oil injection system can be installed If you have higher requirements for engraving, you can choose to use square rails. Our company's engraving machines generally use Taiwan TBI ball screws and Taiwan upper silver square rails.

If you have other questions to consult, you can leave us a message, and we will have professional staff to answer your questions about the cnc router. Hope our answers will help you.

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