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How to apply laser cutting machine to the processing of metal jewelry
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Laser cutting machine is now the main tool of metal processing, laser cutting has also become an important means of personalized metal lighting production.According to the personalized needs of customers, lighting designers design the lighting, draw the ideal model on the paper, and then write it into the laser cutting machine through the program, then the metal outline processing can be made into metal lighting


   Laser cutting machine flexibility, rapidness, one-time molding, no need to open mold, suitable for processing stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass, copper and other high anti-metal materials, can well help manufacturers to achieve artistic creation, personalized customization, small batch customization.Compared with the traditional cutting process, laser cutting machine can cut better quality workpiece and reduce the processing process.

   Taking sheet metal cutting as an example, traditional sheet metal cutting needs to go through cutting, blanking and bending, which will require a large number of molds accordingly, which will require more cost investment and cause waste.Laser cutting machines, by contrast, do not need to go through these procedures, and the results of cutting, quality is better

Processing advantages

1. Laser cutting technology belongs to non-contact processing, which USES high-density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to realize melting, and the slag is blown away by high-pressure gas to complete cutting action. The whole process belongs to numerical control processing, without contact and deformation.



2, laser cutting machine is not limited by the complexity of patterns, processing speed is very fast, high precision, cutting end face beautiful, can originally cool metal materials, processing into artistic patterns, with the effect of light, make the metal patterns more delicate, high-end.

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