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High-quality ATC CNC ROUTER—AKM1325C2
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With the increase of labor costs and the demand for mass production, the requirements of various manufacturing industries such as advertising and furniture industries are also increasing. Today we will look at a high-quality ATC engraving machine-AKM1325C2. This CNC ROUTER has not only improved product quality, but also greatly improved cutting and engraving efficiency, making engraving and cutting more efficient , The operation is simpler.
AKM1325C2 is mainly used in wooden door furniture industry, advertising industry and mold industry. It is a very widely used engraving machine. Its main feature is the addition of an automatic tool changer. The number of tool heads of the automatic tool changer can be configured as required. Usually eight tool holders are set. After the engraving path is set by the system, when the first process is completed, the spindle will automatically go to the tool magazine to select the second tool head. , Proceed to the next step of engraving. This kind of automatic tool changer is very convenient. It can greatly improve your processing efficiency and save a lot of time for manual tool change. It is very suitable for complex and large-scale engraving processing.
The automatic tool changer is divided into ATC linear tool changer and ATC carousel tool changer. The standard configuration is an ISO 30 tool holder, which can be with 20mm max.diameter tools. The  ATC linear tool changer is fixed at the tail of the machine. Each time the tool is changed, it is necessary to return to the tail from the working area to change the tool, perform tool setting and zeroing, and then perform work. Compared with manual tool change, it is more convenient and more efficient. Compared with ATC carousel tool changer, the price is cheaper; The ATC carousel tool changer is fixed on the side of the gantry and is always on the same horizontal line as the spindle, and the tool change does not require tool setting and zeroing, which is more efficient than the linear tool changer.
Because the AKM1325C2 is an automatic tool-changing engraving machine, the spindle is equipped with a 9KW air cooling ATC spindle with a speed of up to 18000RPM and strong power, which can ensure long-term stable work and longer service life. This engraving machine adopts Taiwan Syntec 6MA control system, the system stability is very good, powerful functions, the man-machine operation is friendly, and easy to learn and operation. The operating software is simple and easy to learn, it is convenient to check the moving path of the tool, and adjust the processing depth of the Z axis and the speed of the motor.
The Z axis of AKM1325C2 is driven by Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission, and the X Y axis is driven by 25mm Taiwan silver guide, which is driven by helical rack and pinion, which has higher precision and good load carrying capacity. The vacuum table is selected for the processing table, which is equipped with two 5.5KW vacuum pumps as standard. The material is fixed on the table by vacuum adsorption and gas suction, which effectively reduces the vibration of the plate and ensures higher processing quality. In addition, the vacuum table does not need to manually fix the plates, which can improve work efficiency, and the mass production efficiency is higher.
Regarding the drive, the 750W Taiwan Delta servo motor and Delta drive are selected, which are stable in operation, good in controllability, fast in response, and high in sensitivity. The other feature of AKM1325C2 is that it uses an automatic oiling system to automatically oil the guide rails and lead screws. In addition, it is equipped with two 3.0KW dust suction devices, which can directly collect waste waste such as wood chips and dust into the dust bag when processing the board, making the working environment cleaner.
Our company’s AKM1325C2 is a very cost-effective engraving machine, produced in our own factory, affordable, and fully equipped. If you have other processing needs, you can leave us a message, and the staff will recommend a more matching machine for you. I hope it helps you.

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