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High precision stone cnc router engraving machine AKS1325
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In Chinese history, stone steles have played an important role in the inheritance of culture. We also learn more about history culture and national stories through the words carved on the stone tablets.
Because in the long history, stone tombstones made of stone materials are strong, corrosion-resistant, easy to preserve for a long time, and easy to obtain raw materials. Therefore, in ancient China, people would use stone to make stone tablets and tombstones to achieve the effect of passing on from generation to generation.
In ancient times, the work of stone stele carving required not only cultural, but also aesthetics. Therefore, in the past, stone stele carving was a high-tech work, and the stele craftsmen were also very decent. With the current development of cnc technology, stone cnc router machines have gradually replaced manual engraving. The stone cnc router machine can not only save labor costs, but also has high engraving efficiency, becoming an effective tool for a new generation of stone manufacturers.
Today ACCTEK will show you a professional stone cnc router machine AKS1325, which is mainly used for engraving on marble, granite and bluestone stone inscriptions, inscription carving and relief carving. The following are the configuration and characteristics of the stone cnc router AKS1325. If you are engaged in the stone engraving industry, you can choose an engraving equipment that suits your needs according to the following introduction.
5.5KW water cooling spindle
Wellknown domestic brands of water cooling brushless spindle, strong cutting ability to ensure the long time working. Strong enough to work with stone and soft metal.
Mach3 controller
We use Ethernet interface controller card, the program is installed on a computer connected to the control machine. It is the most common software for CNC machines in the world, support Winxp Win7 Win10, doesn’t need driver installed. Aluminum housing, shielding interference, stable and reliable.
HIWIN Guide rails
Rail works with slider, drive the machine move, with good bearing capacity. Low noise, stable operation.
Helical gear and rack transmission
Good meshing performance, smooth transmission and low noise. The large coincidence reduces the load of each pair of gears and improves the bearing capacity of the gears.
450B stepper motor
Without A/D conversion, the digital pulse signal can be directly convertedinto angular displacement. Cheap and good performance ,function is to drive the axis movement as parameter setting.
Water cooling nozzle
Cool down the tool and stone surface when the cnc router is working. Cooling direction and water flow can be adjusted, better cooling effect. In addition, the water flow can clean the surface of the stone and wash away the rubbish such as stone powder.
Water tank
Collect the water into tank, protect the machine and work place.
Heavy duty structure
All seamless welded steel structure, heavy duty, no deform. All three axis with dust cover, protect the guide rails and rack very well.
The machine’s body is strong, rigid, high precision, reliable and durable. Design perfectly, select the best stone accessories, to minimize the failure rate.
The above is the introduction of stone CNC router machine. If you want to learn about other types of engraving equipment, you can communicate with us online at any time, and our sales manager will provide you with suitable solutions and free quotations. I hope to help you.

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