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Four-axis CNC Router for three-dimensional processing
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In various engraving industries, we often focus on flat engraving, such as door patterns, acrylic billboards, etc. However, there are some industries that require three-dimensional engraving of materials. In this case, we need a four-axis cnc machine for operation.
The so-called axis of the cnc router refers to the three coordinate axes of XYZ plus the rotation axis. In fact, whether it is a three-axis or four-axis cnc router, it has all the axes, but the difference is that the three-axis cnc router is in use In the process, only three axes are running, but four axes are more flexible, and four axes can be started and run at the same time. The AKM1325-4Axis produced by our factory is a four-axis cnc router specifically for processing three-dimensional materials.
Features of AKM1325-4Axis:
1. Acctek 4 axis cnc router is specially for 3D work , the A axis can rotate +/- 180 degree,
2. The 4 axis cnc router's main parts are all from world famous suppliers, such as Syntec control system, Yaskawa servo motors, Shimpo reducer, HSD HQD Changsheng air cooling spindle, Delta inverter, all components are from global leaders. This ensures the 4 axis cnc router has a good performance when working.
3. A axis can swing 180 degree, so the machine can process circular materials easily.
4. With Taiwan Syntec control system, it is convenient and there is no need computer, save a lot of space.
Advantages of 4Axis CNC Machines:
1. The spindle can be rotated 180 degrees, so that the cnc router can handle flat engraving and three-dimensional processing.
2. The four-axis engraving machine can be programmed to reduce human interference in the specific manufacturing process. This helps reduce production time, thereby ensuring increased production efficiency.
3. The machine adopts heavy-duty frame and gantry structure, and the machine body is more sturdy.
4. The machine specifications can be customized according to your actual processing needs. You only need to tell the staff about your needs, and professional staff will recommend suitable configurations and machines for you.
Since the four-axis cnc router has no restrictions, the work efficiency and the types of processing shapes that can be achieved are higher than the three-axis cnc router, so the four-axis production and processing range is wider, so the four-axis cnc router is more expensive than the three-axis cnc router.
Finally, three-axis and four-axis cnc router have certain differences in linkages, control systems, circuit structures, and engraving ranges. Therefore, the production and processing requirements of these two types of mechanical equipment are different. Therefore, it is not straightforward to say which cnc router is better. They all play their own roles in their own fields. Only by rationally choosing according to specific conditions and processing needs can the cnc machine be fully utilized.

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