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Five core components of optical fiber marking machine
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1. Special optical fiber

All-fiber laser requires the use of double-clad active fiber, double-clad photosensitive fiber, energy transmission fiber and other special fiber. With the continuous improvement of output power, the skill demand for special fiber is also higher and higher.The new generation of special fiber represented by photonic crystal fiber will be used gradually in the development of fiber laser.The development of special fiber will make the gain of active fiber higher, the power density greater, and the absorption of pump light more effective.It will make grating manufacturing simpler, grating stability is very good, and grating is more widely used in fiber laser.It will enable the energy transmission fiber to transmit higher power, can transmit the high-power laser farther interval, can transmit the wavelength scale unceasingly expands;Pump coupling will be more simple to complete, acceptable pump power higher, less loss, and so on.


2. Cladding pump coupling

The cladding pumping coupling skill of all-fiber laser has an inestimable effect on the performance and level of fiber laser.Optical fiber pump coupling equipment and optical fiber power component equipment used in high-power all-fiber laser are all used under very high power conditions. The coupling power is necessary to be very high, the loss is necessary to be very small, and the received power is necessary to be very large.Development trends, from high power fiber laser pump coupling equipment in will also demand coupled with the inner cladding of the pump, try not to affect and harm of double cladding fiber fiber core, because as long as it can not affect the occurrence and transmission of signal laser complete cascade pump, complete the super power output.


3. Fiber grating

In all-fiber laser, the current effect is that the signal laser in the reflected fiber core forms a resonator, but with the further development of fiber laser skills, fiber grating will have new USES in fiber laser.


4, semiconductor pump laser

Semiconductor pump laser is the key equipment of fiber laser, which is very important to the reliability, longevity and manufacturing cost of fiber laser.


5. Fiber laser machine

The complete machine of all-fiber laser carries on the complete machine planning and manufacturing of all-fiber laser, not only needs to use rational planning, but also bears the burden of the improvement and innovation of the whole machine structure and plan, as well as the improvement and innovation of all important components and key skills.At present in the world scale, there are a lot of manufacturers in the fiber laser complete machine planning and manufacturing

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