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Fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530FR with automatic rotating shaft
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   Many laser cutting machine users are engaged in the handicraft industry. Most handicraft processing uses the rotary axis as an auxiliary platform. The rotary axis mainly assists in processing irregular objects to form a plane, which can be processed by laser, because the laser is processed by a focusing lens. If the focal length is not good, the processed product is naturally not good. The left and right of the rotation axis make the laser cutting machine form a moving plane to ensure that the laser is processed on the plane, and the laser cutting machine is equipped with rotation After the shaft, there are many more items to be processed!
    Customers who want to purchase a rotating shaft must require the laser cutting machine to have a lifting table to ensure that the rotating shaft can be placed freely on the platform. This is the basic matching method. Some customers also have auto focus for convenience, which greatly reduces Production Process.
   Before using the rotating shaft, make preparations. First, put the platform in a suitable position, and place the rotating shaft to make it stable to ensure the yield of processed products! Second, turn off the power completely and turn on the rotary axis switch, because the equipment configuration is different, and the modification requirements are different.
   Some laser cutting machines use a switch mode to switch between the platform and the rotating shaft, and some manufacturers’ equipment needs to be manually switched. This should be noted, do not connect the wrong wire to prevent damage to the machine, and then turn on the power. Make it work properly.
    Normal processing can only be done after the preparations before processing are done. When processing, the processed products must be fixed to prevent the items from falling off during processing.
  The AKJ1530FR fiber laser cutting machine produced by our company comes with a replaceable worktable and an automatic rotating shaft. Dual-purpose laser cutting machine for pipes, with automatic rotating shaft for cutting metal pipes. The double table can put the material on the second table when the first one is working, and it is convenient to change the material. It is the best choice for metal cutting.
   Jinan Acctek Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of CNC engraving machines and laser machines. The components of our machines come from world-class machine control suppliers and innovators. If your shop needs CNC cutting laser equipment, you can learn about our product performance and price online. Our staff will provide you with the best procurement plan.

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