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Difference between fiber cutting head and metal cutting head
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Cutting head of a metal laser cutting machine consists of a nozzle, a focusing lens and an automatic focusing follow-up system
1) Nozzle:
   The selection of nozzle form and nozzle size has a great impact on cutting quality.

2) Focusing lens:
   Metal laser cutting machine USES the energy of laser beam to cut. The original beam emitted by the laser must be focused through the lens to form the spot with high energy density.According to Gauss optics theory, the power density is highest at the focal point.The longer the focal length of the lens is, the larger the focal spot is, the lower the power density is, but the larger the focal depth is (the focal depth refers to the two spot spacing with a diameter change of 5% on both sides of the focal point, also known as the effective cutting range in cutting), and the larger the operating tolerance is.The effective range of a 5-inch lens is greater than that of a 3-inch lens.

3) Automatic focusing follow-up system:
   The automatic focusing system of metal laser cutting machine is generally composed of a focusing cutting head and an automatic raising system.The cutting head consists of light focusing, water cooling, air blowing and mechanical adjustment parts.


   The cutting head of optical fiber laser cutting machine is composed of three parts: nozzle, focusing lens and focusing tracking system:

   The selection of nozzle form and nozzle size has great influence on cutting quality.There are three types of nozzles: parallel, collecting and collecting, and cone.Nozzle configuration

Focusing lens:
   Focusing Lens Focusing lens Focusing lens Focusing lens focusing lens USES the energy of laser beam to cut the focusing lens. The original beam emitted by the laser must be focused through the lens to form a spot with high energy density.

Focused tracking system:

   There are mainly two types of tracking system, one is capacitive sensor tracking system, also        known as non-contact tracking system.The other is the inductive sensor tracking system, also known as contact tracking system.

Optical fiber laser cutting machine cutting advantages

   In order to compensate for the unstable height control during cutting, the optical fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a follow-up capacitance adjustor.No matter how thick the cut plate is, it can maintain the same height with the capacitor adjustable cutting head.Thus can ensure the fiber laser cutting machine cutting effect perfect.It can automatically adjust the best focal length, ensure the best cutting effect of the whole board, avoid the material scrap caused by the change of focal length when the material is not flat.It can realize the stable z-axis floating function, directly eliminate the impact of plate unevenness on cutting quality, it can ensure the laser cutting machine has a high cutting yield.

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