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Difference between a laser projector and an ordinary projector
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  Laser light source projector is the use of blue laser light source, and the traditional projector is the use of high-pressure mercury lamp source.As long as the luminance index is the same, the two light sources are the same brightness

Projected image quality

  The projector of laser light source can realize the color space much larger than that of traditional light source, and its color performance is higher than that of traditional light source projector.The traditional projector in the use of the process will produce brightness attenuation, saturation, contrast reduction phenomenon, so that the output image quality and the new projector compared to a big discount.The use of laser light source projector due to the low attenuation characteristics of the light source, so that its output image quality for a long time to maintain high brightness, saturation and contrast, the picture color is always bright as new.


Service life

  General projector lamp light source life in 2000 hours ~ 3000 hours or so, and laser projector laser structure reliability is high, according to the existing experimental results that its life can be up to 20,000 hours, long-term can achieve real maintenance free use.,

Switch machine

  In the laser projector can be almost instantaneous start, instantaneous to reach the working brightness, so the laser light source projector can do fast switch machine.While the traditional bulb needs to work for a period of time to reach a stable operating temperature when it is switched on, and it also needs a period of time to heat off when it is turned off, which takes more time to switch on and off.

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