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Daily maintenance part of laser cutting machine -- air compressor maintenance
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1. Maintenance of motor -- it can be maintained according to the manual. If there is any problem that cannot be solved, it is better to ask professional personnel for maintenance


2. Oil discharge valve -- a factor affecting the health status of air compressor, requiring regular discharge of moisture and dirt every 2,000 hours.


3, transmission belt inspection and wear supervision -- transmission belt every 2000 hours to check the tightness, every 4000 hours to check whether wear, according to the wear situation to decide whether to replace, otherwise it will affect the transmission work.


4, oil and gas separator -- it is recommended that about 4000 hours need to be strictly inspected and considered whether new parts are needed.


5. Oil filter is an important part that needs to be replaced regularly. According to the actual operation experience, 2000 hours is a very appropriate time for replacement.Special care should be taken to replace the oil filter to avoid damage or drop. 


6. The replacement of lubricating oil is also a key factor to be considered in maintenance.Generally, it is necessary to check whether the oil is sufficient every 1000 hours, and it is necessary to check whether all the oil needs to be replaced every 4000 hours. If the oil is not in good working condition, the accuracy and accuracy of cutting will be seriously affected.

7. Maintenance of minimum pressure valves and safety valves -- Minimum pressure valves should be checked periodically every 4000 hours for proper operation.


8, metal laser cutting machine, air compressor is an important part of the air filter core, good quality filter core in operation for more than 500 hours, as long as a filter to clean up dust filter dust accumulation of the dye, and every 2000 hours, the need for a big check and determine whether to need to replace new filter cartridge.  


9, the air compressor inlet valve seals are also a key and need to be regularly checked key components.Inlet valve seal just not as easy to bad and more frequent as cartridge replacement, the service life of the general inlet valve seal is about twice of the filter element life, that is to say, if the filter every 2000 hours, need to consider about change, the inlet valve seal can be extended by a times to need to consider whether to replace.Of course, the frequency of replacement also needs to be determined according to the actual cutting environment or the length of the replacement time.

The above 9 points are about the air compressor maintenance methods, I hope to help you

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