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Daily, weekly and half - year maintenance plans for laser cutting machines
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 Laser cutting machine belongs to the high-power equipment, in the operation should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance to increase the equipment use time, will effectively reduce the hard work and environmental impact on the components, make them efficient, trouble-free operation.

1.Daily maintenance of laser

1) Carefully check the pressure of the working gas of the laser and the cutting auxiliary gas every day before starting the machine. If the gas pressure is not enough, it should be replaced in time.

2) check that the cooling water pressure is maintained between 3.5 and 5Bar.

3) Check the temperature of the cooling water, preferably the temperature of the water required by the selected laser.

4) Check the oil level height in the laser vacuum pump. If it is not enough, it shall be added.

5) Check whether there is leakage in the oil path, water path and gas path of the laser, as well as whether there is leakage in the pneumatic components of the vacuum pump and resonator cavity and pipe joints.

2.Weekly maintenance of laser

1) Check whether there is oil and water in the gas mixing unit of the laser, and if there is, clean it in time;Check the laser gas drying filter. If more than 1/4 color turns red or white, it needs to be replaced. Its normal color is blue.

2) Check the filter of the chiller for impurities.

3) Check whether there are impurities in the laser cooling water loop.

4) Check the condensate water level in the compressed air separator (located in the air source unit).Check the vacuum pump oil level (located below the air source unit).When the pump is in a cold state, the oil surface should be between the middle line of the oil window +5mm -- 0mm, and refueling when necessary.

5) Check the oil level of Roots pump.The oil level in the gear box of The Boots pump can be seen through the oil window on the end face of the gear box. When the pump is turned off and in a cold state, the oil level should be between +5mm -- 0mm of the middle line of the glass. If necessary, add HTCL2100 oil.


3.Laser maintenance every half year

1) Check whether there is corrosion in the cooling water pipeline of laser head, and if there is, treat or replace the pipeline in time.

2) Check whether there is oil leakage in the excitation power tank.

3) Check whether the high-voltage cable is damaged.

4) Check and clean the inside of the laser resonator and all the mirrors, including the front window mirror, tail mirror and reflector.

5) After cleaning the inner lens of the laser, the light emitting mode of the laser should be adjusted again until the correct mode is reached.

6) Replace the vacuum pump oil.

7) Replace roots pump oil.

8) Tighten all bolts carefully to ensure the tightness of roots pump.

9) There is a white plastic plug on the gas flow line at the outlet of roots pump. Clean the plug and coat the inner surface with silicone grease.The purpose of this silicone grease is to adsorb and capture the physical impurities in the gas circulating in the laser.(Only use silicone-free high vacuum grease and apply very thinly).

   In routine maintenance as well as to do laser to maintenance of machine tools, air cooler and so on, if in the use of the machine process found any damage of the parts and components must be replaced in time, in order to fundamentally ensure the normal production of machine, is a protection for the machine itself, can also ensure the laser cutting machine always maintain an ideal cutting effect.

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