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Cost-effective woodworking CNC Router——AKM1530
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Today our CNC Router AKM1530 arrived in the hands of a customer in New Jersey, USA. The customer was very satisfied with the machine. After the machine was delivered, he quickly took photos and sent it to us, and expressed his hope to continue cooperation. As a professional manufacturer of engraving machine equipment, every customer's satisfaction will make us very happy. Today we will take a look at this woodworking engraving machine-AKM1530, which is loved by customers.
This AKM1530 is a very cost-effective woodworking engraving machine. The price of a single machine is less than five thousand dollars. If you need to adjust the machine parts, the price will change.This price is very affordable. Next, let's take a look at its configuration, so that you can better understand the machine, and when you make a purchase, you can choose a machine that is more suitable for you.
The engraving machine AKM1530 adopts a heavy-duty structure, and the body is strong and durable. The working area is 1500×3000×200mm, which is suitable for various decoration industries such as furniture industry, advertising industry, handicraft processing and so on.
The spindle is a 3.2KW wate cooling spindle, or you can change to an air cooling spindle according to your personal needs. The spindle speed is as high as 6000-24000RPM, which has the characteristics of high cutting ability and long working hours.
The XY axis adopts gear transmission, and the Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw for transmission, which makes the machine load capacity stronger, runs smoothly, and ensures the high precision of the machine.
AKM1530 chooses the Mach 3 control system, supports Winxp Win7 Win10, does not need to driver installed, Ethernet connection, working with the computer, easy to operate.
The engraving machine with high-performance Leadshine stepper motors and drivers, so that the machine can work at high speed and accuracy.
There are many options for woodworking engraving machines. For our American customer, because he wants to engrave some cylindrical products, he adds additional rotary accessories. Like these optional accessories, the staff will recommend you according to your actual engraving and cutting needs, and you can choose according to your personal needs.
Regarding the color of the body, it is also optional. Our standard color is a combination of white and blue. Like our American customer, he prefers a black body. We can make it black when we produce it. There are other customers who choose orange or red. You can tell the staff your preference, these can be customized.
I am very happy that the CNC Router in our factory can be sold to many countries, and I hope to be recognized by more and more customers in the future.

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