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Clean and check the lens of laser cutting machine
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In the process of using the laser cutting machine, due to its own operation method, the lens of the laser output head (also known as the jumper head) is seriously polluted by the outside world. This problem mainly focuses on the process of inserting the jumper head into the cutting head, and improper storage of the jumper head when not in use leads to the pollution of the lens.


  Contaminated lenses need to be cleaned as soon as possible, otherwise, in the process of continuous use, the stain will increase the temperature of the stain caused by absorption laser, forming a hot lens phenomenon, affecting the processing technology, and in serious cases, the coating of the lens will be burned and damaged.Therefore, we must develop the habit of properly protecting and timely cleaning the optical lens, which not only helps to maintain the processing capacity of the laser cutting machine, but also can effectively extend the service life of the laser.

Check the jumper lens of the fiber laser.

1. Strong light illumination

Generally, high-light flashlight is used to illuminate the observation lens, tilted rotating lens or flashlight is used to observe whether there are stains and marks on the lens through rotating light.


2. Interference fringe method


If there is an interference light source attached to the lens, you can observe whether there is contamination on the lens by reflecting light and dark interference stripes.

Determine the degree of contamination of the lens and then take appropriate measures to deal with it

1. Light dust

The surface of optical lenses will absorb some dust due to static electricity, so the dust is usually blown away by a blow ball or compressed air tank.Be careful not to blow the air port vertically. It is necessary to blow the air port at an inclined Angle along the lens edge.


2. Moderate marks

  Generally, there are some stains or fingerprints on the lenses, which cannot be blown away. Here are some ways to clean them.

A) Brush and pliers cleaning method

  Using a brush, moisten the cleaner, gently brush the surface of the lens and repeat until the lens is completely clean.It is recommended to use a new brush for each wipe.


B) Dust-free cotton swab cleaning method


  Use a dust-free cotton swab and dip in some detergent, making sure not too much.Then point into the center of the lens and rotate clockwise a little bit to move the wipe outwardly.Note: Do not wipe back and forth while wiping.

1Note that after wiping, you need to use a compressed air tank or balloon, blow the lens a few more times, and then observe the optical lens surface to confirm the cleanliness of the lens.If the stain remains, repeat the steps until the lens is completely clean.


3. Heavy pollution


Generally, the lenses need to be infiltrated when it is difficult to clean the stains such as grease.

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