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Classification and application of laser galvanometer
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Galvanometer scan header
It is mainly composed of XY scanning mirror, field mirror, galvanometer and computer-controlled marking software.According to the different 
laser wavelength selection of the corresponding optical components.Related options also include laser beam expanding mirror, laser, etc.Its working principle is the incident laser beam to two reflector (scan mirror), using computer control mirror reflection angles, the two reflectors respectively along the X, Y axis scanning, so as to achieve the laser beam deflection, that has a certain power density of laser focus on the marking material movement, according to the requirement of the required permanent mark on the material surface, thereby focusing of light can be circular or rectangular.

Double header (double header, double header)

The double marking head is composed of two scanning heads. After one laser beam enters the marking head, it is divided into two laser beams by optical combination. The special double-head marking software controls the work of the double head respectively, and its marking efficiency is twice that of the single head, and the marking area is also twice that of the single head.The technical parameters of the doubles header are the same as the singles header above, but the area of the singles header is twice that of the singles header. For example, the area of the singles header is 100x100mm, while the area of the corresponding doubles header is 200x100mm.

Digital laser header


Compared with the traditional analog marking head, digital marking head is characterized by small size, fast scanning speed and strong anti-interference ability. It is mainly used in optical fiber laser marking machine, end-pump solid laser marking machine and flying laser marking machine.

Application Industry:

The laser flight marking machine manufactured by the flight marking head can be widely used in the production and effectiveness of medicine, personal care products, tobacco, food and beverage packaging, alcohol, dairy products, clothing accessories, leather, electronic components, chemical building materials and other fields

Graphic and literal marking of date, lot number, shift, manufacturer's name and logo.Suitable for online marking of most materials, such as paper packaging, leather cloth, plexiglass, resin plastic materials, bamboo and wood products, coated metal, PCB board, etc.The most common

Application field

Drilling, cutting and welding

The laser deep carved

Rapid prototyping, rapid processing


3D workpiece processing


The working principle of

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