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Calculation and modification of pulse parameters
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 In the previous series of videos, we introduced the use of the machine and accessories, many of which are in the machine manual. It’s just that the instructions are relatively thick, most of which are technical terms and densely packed text. Many customers will not read all of the instructions or cannot fully understand them.
    The video can show the operation steps more vividly and clearly, so that users can better understand the operation, and no longer have to read those professional terms in the manual.
    Each video is only a few minutes, and customers don’t need to spend too much time learning, which is more convenient than before.
    In addition, customers no longer need to spend time waiting. If they encounter problems before, they will contact after-sales personnel for consultation. Due to time difference and other reasons, it may take customers time. Now only need to watch videos to solve some common problems, it is very simple and convenient!
    The new video introduces the calculation and modification of pulse parameters. This question has also been asked by many customers before. This video has added a new format. We have added ACCTEK blackboard class. The important formulas are listed separately for everyone to watch.
    The operation steps are shown at the end of the video, and the key points are marked in red. Friends can take screenshots and save them, so that when you encounter the same problem in the future, you can directly look at the picture to solve it. Is it more convenient?
    The new video is explained by Caroline.
    Here are the subtitles

Hi, everybody.
The control system is the core part of the engraving machine, which is equivalent to the human brain and is very important.
Today we will explain the common questions of the system for everyone, and hope to help you.
Calculation and modification of pulse parameters
When the design size is inconsistent with the actual engraving size, it is usually caused by imprecise pulse equivalent parameters.
We can ensure the accuracy of engraving by calculating and modifying the correct pulse parameters in the system.
1. Back to mechanical origin after booting
2. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the machine and the reference object
3. The system switches to the workpiece coordinates, all coordinates are reset to zero
4. Use the handle to advance 100mm distance (the greater the advance distance, the greater the pulse error)
5. Measure the distance between the machine and the reference object again, and calculate whether the actual advance distance of the machine is the advance distance of the workpiece coordinate system.
6. If there is an error, first calculate whether the pulse equivalent is correct, the calculation formula: actual distance/design distance*current pulse equivalent
7. Find the pulse equivalent parameter option in the system and modify the calculated value.
After watching today’s video, we can respond in time if there is a problem with the system in the future. Thanks for watching!

If you have any questions about the video or want more information, you can check or leave a message on our official website.

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