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CNC router machine with 3 spindle AKM2030-3 shipping to Belgium
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Woodworking cnc router has always been the main force in many engraving industries. There are many materials that can be engraved and cut, and it has a wide range of applications, especially in the furniture industry, advertising industry, and handicraft processing industry by users. The customizability of the woodworking cnc router also makes it more adaptable to the needs of users. The configuration of each machine can be customized and selected according to the user's processing needs, which greatly improves the adaptability of the woodworking engraving machine to different industries and different materials. .
Today ACCTEK has a multi-head woodworking cnc machine AKM2030-3 shipping to Belgium. This woodworking cnc router is specially equipped with three independent spindles according to customer needs. It can carry out engraving and cutting at the same time, or work independently, which greatly improves the user's processing efficiency. The following are the configuration and characteristics of this cnc router machine. If your shop also needs a multi-head cnc router machine, I hope to provide an effective reference for your choice.
The working area of this AKM2030-3 cnc router is 2000×3000×200mm. Because customers are engaged in the furniture industry and need to engrave a large number of plates at the same time, they chose a large-area table to facilitate the simultaneous carving of plates with three spindles. The three spindles of the cnc router machine are all on the same gantry, and they can reach the working size of the entire table of 2000×3000mm.
3.2KW HQD air cooling spindle
Three independent spindles can work at the same time to improve the efficiency of engraving; they can also work independently to meet special processing needs. The speed is up to 24000 rpm, which can meet most of the engraving and cutting needs.
Taiwan Hiwin square rail, helical gear an rack transmission
Low noise, stable operation; compared with the round rail, it has higher precision and better load-bearing capacity. Good meshing of helical gears, large overlap reduces the load of each pair of gears, and improves the load-carrying capacity of the gears.
Mach3 controller
We use Ethernet interface controller card, the program is installed on a computer connected to the control machine. It is the most common software for CNC machines in the world, support Winxp Win7 Win10, doesn’t need driver installed. Aluminum housing, shielding interference, stable and reliable.
Vacuum table & T-slot table
The cnc cutting machine AKM2030-3 uses a vacuum suction and T-slot integrated table. The vacuum suction method can make the fixing of the plate more stable, save the time of manually fixing the plate, and improve work efficiency. The work table is divided into 4 areas according to customer needs, and each area is controlled by a switch. When the processing plate is small, only one processing area can be activated to make the plate's adsorption force stronger. The T-slot table is used to fix the material with clamps. When the board is small and the stability of the board is not high, the use of T-slot to fix the board can save the vacuum pump power. The two types of countertops can be selected according to actual needs, and the use is more flexible.
Leadshine Stepper motor
The motor generates little heat and energy consumption is low. Smooth operation, low vibration and noise. The response speed is fast, suitable for frequent start and stop. Cheap and good performance.
Auto oil lubrication
Only need to set the interval time and oil filling time, the machine can automatically lubricate the guide rail and the lead screw according to the setting.
The above is an introduction to the AKM2030-3 cnc router machine. This engraving machine is cheap and widely used. It can be used for wood cutting, hollowing, carving, lettering, embossing and other different processes.It is very suitable for large-scale processing furniture industry.
If you encounter problems when purchasing a cnc router machine, you can contact us online at any time. ACCTEK will provide you with the best options.

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