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Automatic feeding pneumatic cutting machine with ccd camera
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Pneumatic cutters can cut soft materials with perfect edges, and are widely used in foot pads, cushions, leather cutting, etc. Industrial CCD cameras are professionally used for fast information collection of irregular materials to achieve fast and accurate cutting.

Basic configuration of automatic feeding pneumatic cutting machine with ccd camera

Pneumatic swing tool

It is a pneumatic tool, especially suitable for cutting hard and dense materials, but it can also handle soft and thick materials, such as foam


It is mainly used for projecting cutting graphics. The cutting position can be adjusted according to the projection to realize fast and accurate visual cutting. Recommended for industrial CCD.

Large CCD industrial camera

Industrial CCD cameras are mainly used for the collection of material information. It is professionally used for fast information collection of irregular materials or materials with printed patterns to realize fast and accurate cutting.

Correction roller frame

The rectifying cloth frame can adjust the automatic feeding direction and speed to ensure the accuracy of the seam. Can be used on machines with automatic feeding systems.

The current leather processing and some clothing processing industries are inseparable from the use of  pneumatic cutting machine. The use of vibrating knives has brought convenience and speed to many industries. The current market competition is gradually heating up. How to break out of the market is in front of competitors. These factors that control the quality, cost and efficiency of the system are very important. In the cutting process, the use of automated equipment has the advantages of ensuring quality, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.
Efficiency: The pneumatic cutting machine is not fatigued, uncomfortable, and can run at high speed for a long time, with high production efficiency and stable quality.
Cost: Manual cutting requires a lot of task personnel to operate, and the salary cost is high. The pneumatic cutting machine can work alone and assist the cutting work alone. The rest of the staff can deal with other processes, saving costs and improving efficiency.
Quality: The cutting effect before sewing directly affects the quality of the clothing cost, and the bad effects found after cutting cannot be repaired. The quality of the finished product has always appeared. It is a common problem in manual cutting. The use of a vibrating knife cutting machine is a good solution to this problem. Guarantee, another big advantage of using a vibrating knife cutting machine is that it can greatly improve the image of the manufacturer. Customers can visit the production mode and production equipment before placing an order. The automatic cutting machine, a high-tech automation equipment, is the most convincing guarantee for quality and cost. And efficiency. The use of equipment to improve competitiveness should not lag behind others.

The pneumatic cutting machine cuts the fabric through the high-frequency up and down vibration of the cutter head. The pneumatic knife cutting machine has a multi-functional tool head, which can be equipped with a swing straight knife, a round knife, a pneumatic knife, a marking roller, a marking pen holder, a punching device, a V-groove cutting tool, a CCD camera, a tangential knife, and a drilling tool , Projectors, etc., to quickly and easily change the cutter to realize the cutting of different materials. Quickly complete all kinds of processes such as full-cutting, half-cutting, milling, punching, crease, marking, etc., to solve the problem of cutting special-shaped pictures.
For leather cutting, you only need to import the pattern into the computer software, arrange the materials through the typesetting software, and click to start cutting. Simple, convenient and fast! In addition, the blade cutting is environmentally friendly and does not damage the materials. The efficiency has been increased several times compared with the same period of the previous year, and the overall utilization of materials has been improved.
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