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Application of laser processing technology
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  Laser technician technology has been applied to various industries, such as automobile manufacturing, electronic devices, aerospace, petrochemical industry, metallurgy and mining, energy transportation and new energy, etc

   Why is laser processing so important?Turning, milling, planing, grinding and other traditional machining technologies are controlled by the system to drive the motor movement, and then the latter drives the corresponding machining tools to complete the process. In addition to friction heat generation, there is no other source of heat input, so it belongs to the "cold machining" process.And laser processing is using high energy density laser beam on the material to melt, gasification, solid-state phase transformation or impact hardening and make the material form change process, it also needs motion mechanism, but processing can カ and the scope is much larger: can be either hot working (such as laser welding, cutting, punching, marking, cladding and hardening, etc.), or it can be cold (for example using picosecond/femtosecond laser milling, turning, etc.), the most widely used or hot working, such as laser cutting, welding, surface treatment, and increase material manufacturing, etc. In addition to the laser, which has not yet been tool can realize the material in such a broad rangeWork.

   For decades, laser cutting technology has been favored with high cutting precision and high efficiency. Laser cutting of thin plate has a short processing cycle and can save the cost of mold opening to a large extent to replace stamping.The application of laser cutting has been greatly expanded, and it has replaced the traditional plasma cutting, oxygen cutting, electric spark cutting and water cutting in many aspects.

   Laser welding technology is also a very important technology in laser machining field.Compared with traditional arc welding technology, laser welding heat affected area is small, workpiece deformation is small, joint performance is good, but also can significantly improve the weldability of materials.Laser-arc composite welding technology organically combines the advantages of laser welding and arc welding, which not only significantly improves the welding speed and penetration depth, but also reduces the high-precision requirements of pure laser welding to the gap gap, and can also improve the performance of welding seam by adjusting the metal wire composition.Therefore, it is widely used in automotive, aerospace and precision machinery and other fields to take the lead in application, and gradually expanded to metallurgy, petrochemical, shipping and energy and other heavy machinery.


   Laser surface engineering technology includes laser surface quenching technology, laser cladding strengthening and repair technology, etc., and quickly replace the traditional induction quenching, carburizing quenching, surfacing welding, thermal spraying and spray welding technology, in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical and energy transportation and other fields have been widely used.Laser cleaning technology, which is the use of high energy density laser beam ablation of the surface of the metal, the parts surface oil, rust and organic adhesion, such as instant sublimation, gasification or combustion off the surface of the high matrix process.This is basically a pure physical process, with high "cleaning" efficiency, basically no damage to the matrix, and no need for detergent and other chemical media, energy saving and environmental protection.

   The laser processing technology corresponding to cold machining is based on femtosecond and picosecond laser etching or laser precision etching or precision cutting and drilling based on ULTRAVIOLET and deep ultraviolet wavelength.Although the principle of material removal is still closely related to the thermal effect of laser, the thermal effect on the substrate of the machined part can be almost ignored. Therefore, laser "milling" and "turning" technology is often referred to as laser "cold machining ", and has been first applied in the processing of super-hard, super-crisp and super-thin materials.

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