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Application of laser machine in clothing and paper cutting industry
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We introduced the selection and configuration of the engraving machine two days ago, but if you want to engrave pictures on the surface of the sheet, or make the fabric proofing, you should choose a laser machine for operation. Today we will introduce the use and selection of laser machines.
Using laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine, the process is very simple, just like using a computer and a printer to print on paper. You can use a variety of graphics processing software under Win98/Win2000/WinXP environment, and then scan graphics, vectorized graphics and various CAD files can be easily "printed" by laser engraving machine. Today, we mainly introduce the choice of laser machine for soft materials such as paper and cloth.
The first is the choice of table tops. The table tops of the laser machine mainly include knife strip table tops and honeycomb table tops. For softer materials, honeycomb table tops should be selected for better adsorption.
The biggest problem with laser cutting is yellowing. To solve this problem, take fabric as an example. After placing the fabric flat on the honeycomb floor, the exhaust fan should be turned on to remove the dust in time to prevent the smoke generated during cutting from yellowing the fabric. At the same time, the air pump is turned on to ensure the blowing effect and blow away the volatile impurities and smoke in the cutting slit.
Leather cutting has a wide range of uses, such as shoe proofing and hollowing out, and leather engraving is generally the engraving of patterns. Leather can be carved with shadows. The contrast between the surface layer of the leather and the background color must be divided. The effect of carving is better if there is a clear contrast. The advantage of cutting cloth and leather is that it can be sewn. Pay attention to selecting the appropriate power and matching with an air compressor, which can effectively prevent the material from sticking.
The cutting of paper is generally used in the paper-cutting industry. For the hollowing out of images, fans must be used to absorb this material, so as to ensure the smoothness of the material and the better the effect.
Today we introduce here first, if you are doing engraving of other materials, you can also leave us a message for consultation, and we will recommend a suitable machine for you according to your needs.

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