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Application direction of laser cutting technology is analyzed from the shallow level
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Laser cutting has a very wide range of applications, such as automotive, computer, electrical cabinet, cutting various metal parts, and special materials, circular saw blades, the force that press a gram, spring washers, electronic parts under 2 mm with some metal plates, steel pipes, tin-coated copper plate, plate, lead plate, phosphor bronze plating, electricity boards, thin aluminium alloy, quartz glass, silicon rubber, below 1 mm alumina ceramic pieces, aerospace industry use qin alloy, etc.


1) Clothing and leather

  CO2 laser is a new laser cutting machine customized for mass production of leather and clothing users, suitable for cutting non-metallic materials such as leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiform glass, wood, plastic and resin.

2) Microchip laser
  When cutting material, the laser unit's special optical system focuses the laser into a beam only a few microns in diameter.Lasers that use this energy to concentrate in a particular space and time can make tiny holes in the material directly adjacent to each other.

3) Auto parts cutting

   In car prototype and small batch production and extensive use of 3 d laser cutting machine, for ordinary aluminum, stainless steel, such as sheet, strip cutting processing, application of laser processing, the high-speed cutting speed has reached 10 m/min, not only greatly shorten the production preparation period, and make workshop production flexibility, processing area is reduced by half.Because of its high processing efficiency, the processing cost of the mechanical processing method is reduced by 50%.

4) LCD short-circuit ring laser cutting

  Liquid crystal screen short-circuit ring laser cutting machine, with reasonable design, advanced performance, automatic image recognition, fast and accurate positioning, fast motion control accuracy, smooth and clean laser cutting marks and other characteristics.

5) Laser cutting of aluminum foam sandwich material

  Laser cutting of aluminum foam sandwich materials (AFS),AFS are cut by laser in both foam-forming and non-foam-forming states.

6) Plastic laser cutting

  Using a CARBON dioxide laser, which is mounted directly on the robot arm, it cuts the outline of the 3-D, plastic-lined component, cutting out the vents and securing holes for the seatbelts

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